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Q1: What Medical Checkups should be Done & how frequently for Whole body Analysis after 50 ?Q2: Who all are Offering Such Medical Checkup Services?Q3 : How to Measure Effectiveness of the service provider to make a Choice.?

The following basic tests that can be used for full body checkup are: 1. CBC 2. HBA1c 3. Total Cholesterol 4. Glucose Fasting 5. Urine Routine 6. Creatinine 7. BUN 8. ECG 9. Chest......Read More

Krishna Khemka Asked 16 August 2017

I am on a short stay in USA. Whenever I try to access AS26 through government incometax portal, it takes me to only NRI portal under Traces. How do I see the statement since I have to pay my income tax, before I come back to India in August

The Traces website opens the resident Indian or Non-resident Indian portal based on the location of the user. In your case, the website has determined your location outside India......Read More


I retired from bank on Oct 2016 .Please let me know how can I save Income Tax on monthly interest from fixed deposit. I received 60 lac on retirement. How can I save tax ?

Entire amount of income from Interest on FD will be taxable as per applicable slab rates. Deduction under section 80C can be claimed if there's repayment of housing loan, etc. by......Read More

Sanjiv Sood Asked 21 February 2017

Is regular fasting good for health?

Ancient India texts had recommended a practice of fasting (Ekadasi) one day in a fortnight. Many of us religiously follow this practice to this day as a penance for spiritual......Read More

My hearing is getting weak. How should I buy a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a complex medical device, not a simple sound amplifier and so requires care in selection. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, first of all see your......Read More

Ramesh Thakur Asked 28 November 2016

I am a retired defence officer with ₹16 Lakh in PPF. I do not find the current rate of interest on PPF very attractive. Where can I invest this amount for better returns. My investment horizon is 8-10 years. Should I move the amount only partially?

If your PPF account has completed 15 years, it will make make sense to opt for a combination of equity and debt funds. For equity, you can start a systematic transfer plan (STP)......Read More

Major (Retd) Bhupen Rai Asked 28 November 2016

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