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Dementia, games

How a Mobile Game is Helping Understand Dementia

13 December, 2017

This is a game with a difference, created with a purpose - to help scientists find ways to diagnose dementia early as well as arrive at treatment... View Article

walking, indoor exercise

Sitting Is The New Smoking

5 December, 2017

Sitting for too many hours is the silent killer we all ignore. View Article

Eldercare, support

5 Things Every Caregiver in India Should Know

5 December, 2017

While professional caregivers are trained to handle elders and stressful situations, family members are not. Everyone learns as they go along. View Article

diet plan, Nutrition

Should You Go On A Diet In Your Fifties And Later?

18 November, 2017

A little bit of exercise and a major focus on diet can help us maintain our fitness. View Article

The Easy Lung Cleanse - Luke Coutinho

11 November, 2017

The Lung Cleanse ... from the comfort of your home. The perfect detoxification in the current state of pollution. Watch Video

Nutrition, Diet

5 Food Practices Seniors Can Avoid

10 November, 2017

A balanced diet is critical for seniors to manage an ageing body. View Article

vitamins, outdoors

The Power of Vitamin D for Seniors

10 November, 2017

Vitamin D is essential for overall good health as it helps with improved cognition and higher immunity with lesser chances of antibiotic dependence.  View Article

laughter, stress relief

Laughter Is The Best Medicine for Seniors

10 November, 2017

Laughter Clubs are a great way to meet people and relax the mind and body. View Article

Diet, Nutrition

Need A Detox After Diwali?

25 October, 2017

Detox diets are said to recharge your body and help you rejuvenate, and be back in business in your normal routine. View Article

dentist, Eldercare

Dental Care for Elderly - Simple Solutions for Success

20 October, 2017

Special tips from a leading dental specialist Prof (Dr.) Sharad Gupta View Article

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