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dentist, Eldercare

Dental Care for Elderly - Simple Solutions for Success

20 October, 2017

Special tips from a leading dental specialist Prof (Dr.) Sharad Gupta View Article

medicines, safety

Think before you Pop a Pill!

16 October, 2017

Usage of over-the-counter drugs without the supervision of a doctor develops into a bad habit of self-medication, which in turn may lead to... View Article

arthritis, yoga

5 Ways to Manage Arthritis That You Must Try

10 October, 2017

World Arthritis Day is celebrated globally on 12th Oct - for awareness, influence, and support. View Article

Nutrition, Recipes

Broken Wheat Can Fix Your Meal!

30 September, 2017

Broken wheat is often added to healthy diets, especially diets that are meant for people who are worried about their heart health. View Article

Festival, fasting

Fasting, Feasting this Navaratri

26 September, 2017

One of the religious practices followed during this period is fasting. These tips will help. View Article

organic, International

Cook up some Quinoa! Everyone Is!

21 September, 2017

Quinoa has been labeled as the new super grain in the world. Find out why! View Article

aerobics, Mental Fitness

Aerobics for Better Brain Health!

10 September, 2017

Remember, age is no reason for you to slow down. Put on your exercise shoes and exercise your way to better health especially good brain health. View Article

oil, calories

Switch over to cold-pressed oils today!

10 September, 2017

Look back at our traditional methods of cooking, rather than on convenient new methods! View Article

homeopathy, alternative medicine

Is Homoeopathy Useful in Geriatric Conditions?

31 August, 2017

It is a popular form of alternative medicine. As with any medication, consult a qualified doctor. View Article

checkups, medication

Living With Multiple Health Problems: What Elders Should Know

31 August, 2017

A drug may be useful in treating one of the patient’s health problems, but it might make another problem worse. Here are some tips for elders with... View Article

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