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dental, checkups

Don't Let Your Smiles Fade! Dental Checkups Are Essential

13 August, 2017

A visit to the dentist for regular checkups and specific issues is important to avoid midnight pain emergencies! View Article

vitamins, Nutrition

Recharge Those Vitamins

11 August, 2017

With age vitamin and mineral deficiencies tend to set in leading to health issues. Take your vitamins! View Article

Pills, safety

Make Sure You Know What's in the Pill Box and Why!

9 August, 2017

As a caregiver and family member, simple steps that you might need to follow to make sure what they pop is safe for them. View Article

aerobics, Mental Fitness

Do You Have 45 Min For A Brain Boost?

8 August, 2017

Age is no reason for you to slow down. Put on your exercise shoes and exercise your way to better health especially good brain health! View Article

osteoporosis, ageing

Do we LOOK UP as we age?

28 July, 2017

Do you feel that you are a little less tall than a decade ago? Is this normal? View Article

Diabetes, sugar

Artificial Sweeteners - To take or Not to take?

22 July, 2017

The most common alternative to sugar is artificial sweeteners that are available in plenty and easy to use. Should seniors enjoy the calorie-free... View Article

Dementia, Memory

Is It Just A Bad Day, Or Is It Dementia?

16 July, 2017

When is it something worse than just a 'bad day'? How will you know when to call a doc? Take this quiz to find out. View Article

beverages, superfoods

Coffee: Is Your Morning Cuppa a Superfood?

16 July, 2017

There is more to the amazing cup of coffee than being a casual destressing drink. It is actually a superfood packed with many benefits. View Article

turmeric, medicine

A Dash of Yellow for your Rainy Day!

13 July, 2017

It’s the elderly and children who are more at risk due to reduced immunity levels. A dash of turmeric will surely help them stay healthy during the... View Article

Knee Pain, surgery

Knee Replacement - Care For It Well!

11 July, 2017

The first few days and weeks after the surgery are the most crucial, regarding care. View Article

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