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Glow with Yoga!

17 June, 2017

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As medical and yoga research expands, yoga is placed among the most effective complementary therapies for most ailments including anxiety, heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. More and more mainstream medical practices are adopting yoga as therapy these days. Beginning a yoga practice as an older adult can be intimidating. You should learn yoga from a qualified trained yoga teacher. If you are unable to get to a class or would prefer private tuition at home, this could probably be arranged too. Once you start classes, make sure you keep that time slot free, so you don't miss a class. Particularly at the beginning when everything is new, regular practice and attendance are essential.

How can Yoga turn back the clock?

Yoga is a scientific method which deals with every aspect of an individual. It is a holistic approach that removes the underlying cause of many ailments due to the following benefits.

• balances energy

removes toxins from the body

• increases blood, oxygen flow in the body

• stretches and tones muscles, increasing flexibility

• reduces physical, mental and emotional stress

• improves sleep and mental outlook

The effects of advancing years (loss of memory, failing eyesight and hearing, progressive stiffness, incontinence, general feebleness) are not inevitable but can be reduced with yoga practice.

Yoga Improves Balance and Stability

Many yoga poses focus on balance and stability, both important as we age. Strengthening muscles and improving balance prevents falls, which is a huge concern for the elderly. Not only does it prevent them in the first place, but an increase in strength and stability also helps seniors bounce back and recover, should a fall occur. You can even start with the latest trend in yoga to help those with frail joints.

Yoga Improves Flexibility and Bone Health

Yoga increases flexibility and is an excellent exercise to manage osteoarthritis in the elderly. Not only can these low-impact moves loosen your muscles, but they can also tone your supporting muscles and help prevent injury.

Yoga Improves Respiration

With age comes respiratory limitations and reduced tolerance to physical exertion. Anything that reduces oxygen in the respiratory system can have negative effects on the mind and body. Yoga significantly improves respiratory function in the elderly.

Promotes Good Bone Health

A gentle yoga practice is not only safe for those with osteoporosis, but it can also be effective in preventing and slowing bone density loss. Whether you’re looking to prevent osteoporosis or to relieve pain from an existing bone condition or fracture, gentle twisting poses and stretches can be beneficial.

Yoga Reduces High Blood Pressure

Hypertension can lead to cardiovascular disease and is the second leading cause of kidney disease. Yoga reduces oxidative stress in the elderly which is one of the underlying causes of high blood pressure and a strong risk factor for heart attacks.

Yoga Reduces Anxiety

Yoga classes are calm and restorative, relaxing your body and mind—especially those geared toward seniors. When practised regularly, yoga can calm your response system reducing stress and feelings of anxiety. Twenty minutes of yoga is worth hours of regular exercise. It is the best way to good health and longevity and will lead you to feel youthful in body, mind, and spirit. When your body functions better, you are going to feel better!

With International Yoga Day coming up, start your Yoga session today!

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