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How about some colouring?

7 September, 2019

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How about some colouring?   

There is a saying in ancient India that a human goes through the life cycles of being an infant, toddler, teen, young adult, adult, old, and then back to being a toddler. So, perhaps it is time to pick up some colouring books again, and start colouring. Well, that could be interesting, and a good hobby, and if it can also act as a therapy and help you alleviate certain issues like stress, and anxiety, why not?

We know that stress and anxiety can actually cause many physical changes in the body, and this can lead to many diseases. This is so true, even for the younger lot in today’s world, which is why health has suddenly become a hot topic. And wellness is one of the most important matters that get a lot of takers and people are checking all forms of therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. While Yoga and meditation have always been on the top in this category, there are also many other therapies like laughter therapy, art therapy, writing therapy, pet therapy, and so on. Another therapy is the Mandala art colouring, which is now gaining popularity, even though it is actually an ancient practice in India.

More about Mandala Therapy

The word Mandala is actually a Sanskrit word which means a circle. The circle has been known to be a powerful symbol, right from our ancient times, and is a part of many of our traditional practices, including Rangolis, and worship. Mandalas or the powerful sacred circles have also been part of the spiritual meditation practice, even in Buddhism, Taoism, etc. So, Mandalas can be drawn or painted anywhere, using any medium.

Typically, a circle is filled with many other geometrical shapes, symmetrically aligned in such a way that they shape themselves into a beautiful pattern when coloured. It is often found to be so, that people focus fully into the activity of colouring a Mandala, just like how they would when they are meditating. Hence, this is a beneficial therapy that can help people to heal, and get over their stress and anxiety, and help them get an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Mandala colouring is known to alleviate stress, depression, pain, etc. and also help regulate the blood pressure. Many of the aging issues are also linked to reducing immunity levels in your body. Here is where Mandala colouring can actually help you immensely. Not only does it help release a hormone called Melatonin, that slows aging, and improves sleep (both beneficial to health), it also boosts the immune system. It helps you stay calm, and can actually be used as a regular meditation therapy.

Well, it also brings out the child in you and you will certainly enjoy the colouring part of it, and playing around with colours, and will perhaps, also nurture your creative side and keep it alive. Incredibly, Mandala colouring is even being used for therapy with people who have terminal illnesses, children with emotional issues, and even with people who are trying to quit some addiction like smoking.

How to go about it?

Mandala colouring books for adults are now available in many stationery shops and even in online retailers like Amazon or Flipkart. Many of these are the ‘tear-out’ type of books, which means that you can tear the pages once you are done and get it framed if feel like displaying your art as well! Choose the medium based on your own interest, convenience and preference – crayons, pencils, acrylic paints, chalks and so on. Find a time when you can work on it peacefully, without being interrupted, so you can complete it and also derive the therapeutic benefit.

A word of caution is that people suffering from arthritis etc. should check with their doctor before doing it, as it involves holding the crayons, brush or the pencils for a long time, and can increase your arthritis pain, due to the continuous gripping.  People, who are highly creative, can even create their own Mandalas for colouring as well. In fact, you could do that and share it with your friends and family and coloured ones may even be given out as gifts.





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