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Winter Is Coming – Are You Ready?

23 September, 2019

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It’s approaching October, the onset of the winter season in most parts of Northern India, where the temperature slowly starts dropping. Winter brings with it many woes, and one of the most important being, the spike in pollution, especially in the Delhi-NCR region. The Delhi government has already announced that they would implement the odd-even formula for the citizens to take out their cars, if the pollution is more, and the measure is needed.

In short, when winter approaches, there are measures to be taken, whether by you or by the government, to make sure that it passes off peacefully. While there is not much you can do about the pollution outside; a lot can be done to make your house is winter-safe. This is very important, considering that many health issues like allergies, skin issues, joint pain, breathing problems, etc., multiply a lot during this time. So, one of the most important things to do would be to make sure that your home is prepared for the winter. This can ensure that you stay healthy to a great extent. Here is a rundown on a few tips to make sure your home is ready to brave the winter, and this needs to be done before the winter sets in.

Inspect your home

Inspect your home, if required, with the help of a professional agency, to make sure that there are no cracks anywhere on the walls, window panes, etc. If you are living in an independent house, then you may also need to get your terrace checked for any leaks or cracks that can cause trouble in winter. Any issues found needs to be fixed immediately, as the cold seeping in through these unwanted openings can be a big issue for your health.

Also, check for any openings and gaps other than the cracks and breaks and install weather stripping if required, to plug these gaps. This may be required if you live in areas where the winter goes harsh, or you have health conditions that are greatly affected by the cold.

The next thing to do would be to get your home plumbing and wiring, also checked once to make sure that everything is in place. Often, when we start using a heater, or a geyser, we may find that some hitherto unseen issues may crop up. It would be a good idea to get an electrician and run these appliances to see if everything is in order.

Use energy-efficient devices

Whether the home lighting or the heater and geyser, make sure that you are using only standardized, energy-efficient appliances. This will make sure that your electricity bills don’t climb up, and also you will be contributing to the nation’s and the environment’s cause, by saving electricity. It is also a good idea to check and clean your electric chimney as that can also consume more power, if not cleaned well. Using the right lighting and appliances can add to the warmth inside your home.

The pollution outside may not be a big issue since the windows and doors will remain closed for most of the time. However, if you are vulnerable to breathing issues like asthma, you may want to use a mask as well as an air purifier in your house, to stay safe. Since many homes will be using heaters, geysers, and air purifiers, and more lighting, the energy consumption during this season will naturally go up. Hence, we must make sure that we do our bit to save power.

Did you know that lighting candles can also add to the warmth of your home? There are scented candles also available; so you can give a nice makeover to your home, by lighting them during the evenings. If at all, you are one of those lucky ones, who have a fireplace with a chimney, please do light it up, and bring on the magic of winter.

Change the decor

You may want to dust out and use the carpets and rugs that were put away, as the floor is likely to be cold during this time. Despite using slippers and socks, carpets can add to the safety and warmth of the house. Also, change the curtains to a slightly thicker and darker shade to maintain the warmth. But, make sure to open the curtains in the morning, if the sun is shining brightly to bring in the light and warmth. It is a good idea to use thicker sheets for the bed, and also use woolen blankets or good quality quilts to make sure that your nights are warm and safe.

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