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Social Media, Internet

So What Will You Click Today?

27 June, 2017

Elders are now ready to tackle social media and are making as much effort as they can in that direction. View Article

shoes, footwear

Put Your Best Foot Forward!

20 June, 2017

Wearing footwear depends on the style, occasion, mood, clothes, age, venue, etc. Get the best for your age! View Article

Vacation, resort

Advantages of Resort Chains for Holidays in India

15 June, 2017

You are no longer tied up to a location, season, apartment or the number of nights you can holiday! View Article

tours, holiday

Fill Your Soul with Hong Kong

14 June, 2017

A great destination for Seniors. An amazing mix of old and new. View Article

temple, tour

Free Special Darshan for Senior Citizens at Tirupati

6 June, 2017

Learn more about the special facilities for seniors and disabled persons. View Article

organ donor, save

Organ Donation Can Save A Life

1 June, 2017

You can live twice! Save a life through Organ Donation! View Article

software, Social Media

Who Is John Koum and Why Does He Impact You Daily?

18 May, 2017

Off the beaten track to a life of huge success! View Article

baahubali, cinema

What Is All The Fuss About Baahubali?

12 May, 2017

You too must have seen this movie by now! View Article

Vacation, summer holidays

Hill Station In India To Beat The Heat

5 May, 2017

Travel to these cool places this summer. View Article

climate, temperature

Why Are Temperatures Rising In India?

4 May, 2017

The recent summer trends are ensuring that we stay locked inside our apartments. To say the heat is unbearable is an understatement. View Article

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