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driving, Accident

Stay Safe As You Drive

6 August, 2017

Night driving is an essential skill but becomes tougher with age. Keep these tips in mind and don't push yourself into uncomfortable territory. View Article

Women, service

Travelling Alone Doesn't Mean Help is Far Away

1 August, 2017

Most airlines offer exclusive assistance to women especially the elderly if they are travelling alone. View Article

technology, Pension

You can be Digitally Alive now!

31 July, 2017

Our pensioners can gladly prove their existence digitally with ease using the Jeevan Pramaan scheme! View Article

cyber crime, scam

Click Safe! Cyber Crimes are on the Rise!

26 July, 2017

One cyber crime every 10 minutes has been reported in India in the past six months. 20 percent of the victims of cyber crime is the elderly. View Article

sports, golf

Swing Your Way to Good Health!

20 July, 2017

Even moderate physical activity can benefit one’s health. The physical, mental, social, and emotional benefits of golf seem undeniable. View Article

organ donor, transplant

Living Long After You Are Gone

18 July, 2017

A life transforming donation, a chance for one person to save many lives, even after they are no longer there to see it happen! View Article

senior travel, holiday

Pack your Fears Away!

16 July, 2017

Do you have nagging worries about travelling especially overseas? Here are easy tips to allay common fears and jet set away! View Article

Hobby, creative

Hobby yourself today!

9 July, 2017

Hobbies offer tremendous stimulation with regard to planning, creativity, problem-solving skills and completing tasks. View Article

holiday, senior travel

6 Easy Tips for Holiday Planning for your Parents

5 July, 2017

Plan ahead and work with experts like Samarth Tours! View Article

tours, holiday

How to Plan a Vacation with your Parents

5 July, 2017

Here are a few simple tips to ensure the holiday is a welcome change for all! View Article

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