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How To Fill Your Evenings Actively!

9 October, 2017

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Suddenly you seem to be having a whole lot of time on your hands. Mornings have their own routine; it is the evenings that seem to be endless. There are a lot of things you can do to be occupied and entertained. You need to stay occupied mentally, physically, and socially to maintain health and avoid depression or isolation. These simple activities can keep you active and encouraged every day, be it morning or evening.

Games, Walking, and Exercise

Nothing like a game to keep your mind occupied. It could be a simple board game, a puzzle or even word games. If you have company, then a game of cards can give you more happiness than watching a television serial! And if you are physically fit, try your hand at exercises, simple, healthy movements that can strengthen your system. You can also try your hand at a light game of badminton or even swim if you can!

If games and exercise are not your interest, just go on a walk on your own and yes don’t forget the radio or your music to keep you company. The fresh air and activity can cheer up your evenings and work wonders on your circulation too.

Hobby - Enjoy or Teach!

Hobbies are a treasure to everyone. But unfortunately, many of us miss out on our hobbies. Your silver years might be the best time to revive your hobbies. Be it music, reading, sketching, crochet or anything else; it never is too late to work on your hobby. You can teach your hobbies to anyone interested to learn or if you never did get a chance to learn a hobby maybe this is the best time to pick one! Join hobby classes or even run your own classes in the evenings and watch your evenings pep up! There are quite a few in their senior years pursuing their interests like never before, and it makes a lot of difference to them and to those around them too.


Nothing like spending your evening in your garden. If you have the time, energy and space, it would be wonderful to create and plant your own garden. That way you can be assured of fresh oxygen and clean air every minute and also you could grow and cook your won produce. Setting up a garden is not very difficult, just find some help to start one and continue maintaining it. If space is a constraint, a few pots are sufficient to satisfy you. You could set it up in your portico or balcony and spend some time there in the evenings.


A good book can keep you occupied as long as you want to. If reading is a habit, nothing like it to keep you occupied. You can also read a lot on the internet if you are comfortable doing so. There is a whole lot of reading to be discovered out there; you just need to spend some time doing so.


Yoga is a fantastic activity for improving strength and flexibility and helping to relax the mind. If you are not very mobile or flexible, you can still do yoga with adapted yoga poses that can be done from the comfort of your chair oven your bed. When you begin, get the help of a good yoga teacher. You can later practice it n your own.


The beauty of meditation is that it is easy to do and can be done by everyone. Try searching for guided meditations on YouTube to get some inspiration, or you could even enroll in some meditation classes as a beginning. It could be a great evening activity to help you energize your body and soul.


If you are in good physical and mental health, the best thing you could do in the evenings is to volunteer at an organisation; it could be a hospital, orphanage or a temple too. These types of volunteer activities not only make a difference in the other‘s lives, and also give you a sense of purpose. Dedicated volunteering in schools, colleges, and local community centres can help the senior citizens attain self-satisfaction that they have rendered service during the post-retirement period, without sitting idle.

These are just a  few activities that can keep you busy in the evenings in your silver years; the list can be really long if you have the time, interest and energy. Life is much better than getting bored and lonely, go ahead discover it!

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