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How the process works?

  • During your lifetime, you can sign up to pledging your organ by filling up the online Organ Pledge Form . It is important to register your decision as an organ donor because in the event of brain death the transplant coordinators will refer the database to know if you are an organ donor and accordingly communicate your wish to your family for their consent.
  • On submitting the complete form, Gift your Organ in association with ZCCK (The Zonal Co-ordination Committee for Transplantation in Karnataka) will send you your Organ Pledge Card .
  • It will be your responsibility to get the signatures of 2 Witnesses on the Pledge Card, one of whom needs to be a close relative.
  • Keep this card in your wallet and share your decision with your near and dear ones.
  • Only if the death occurs on a ventilator, regardless of brain death or cardiac death, the Pledge Card will indicate your intentions. The doctors will then approach your family for their consent.
  • In the case of brain death or cardiac death on a ventilator without registration, your family members can donate your organs. For this they need to sign a consent form which will be provided at that time by the hospital.
  • In case of death at home, the family should contact the nearest Eye Bank so that the necessary logistics for the Eye or Tissue Donation can be organized.
  • In either case, only after receiving the family’s consent, the organs are retrieved. The process can take between 3-9 hours.
  • There is no cost borne by the Donor or his/her family.
  • The hospital takes care of all the logistics and details as the transplant coordination team carries out the entire process till the relatives receive the body of the deceased.
  • The deceased body is given back to the family in a dignified way. There is no disfigurement. The body can be viewed as in any case of death and funeral arrangements need not be delayed or changed.
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