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Uttarakhand, Covid Care Centre

Samarth Eldercare launches free COVID-19 care program for marginalised and underprivileged communities

16 June, 2021

While Samarth has been working round the clock supporting the elderly right from the onset of COVID-19, extending care not only to its members... Read More

Samarth Plans, Health Card

Eldercare in India, and Samarth's journey to build the best eldercare services available nationally

4 June, 2021

Asheesh Gupta, Founder of Samarth Eldercare, explains the mission and operations in conversation with ET NOW. Read More

Covid care, Home care for elderly

How eldercare organisations are working as extended family to help old parents amid pandemic

1 June, 2021

People with elderly parents in India including from more than 20 other countries, and now even corporates are taking Samarth's help to look... Read More

Covid Care Centre, Jharkhand

समर्थ ने झारखण्ड में मुफ़्त कोविड राहत पुनर्वास कार्यक्रम शुरू किया

28 May, 2021

समर्थ की नॉट-फॉर-प्रॉफिट फाउंडेशन ने बोकारो जिला प्रशासन के साथ मिलकर २० बेड के L1 कोविद केयर सेंटर की स्थापना की है |आईआईएम कलकत्ता एलुमनी व अन्य... Read More

Mumbai, overseas children

बच्चों से दूर रह रहे बुजुर्गों का संबल बन रहा 'समर्थ'

23 May, 2021

कोरोना संकट में अकेले रह रहे बुजुर्गों का आत्मविश्वास टूटने लगता है। न जाने कब डॉक्टर एंबुलेंस या अस्पताल की जरूरत पड़ जाए। ऐसी स्थिति में समर्थ के... Read More

Eldercare, Industry

Amid pandemic, home-care services for the elderly see a surge in demand

19 May, 2021

Samarth eldercare, one of the largest players in this space, has augmented support to the elders by arranging essentials such as medicines,... Read More

startup, Eldercare

How Gurugram-based organisation Samarth is helping the elderly live an independent life

18 August, 2020

Samarth Care provides professional assistance and support to the elderly to help them live independently. In times of the pandemic, their pre-planned... Read More

Emergency, Healthcare in a Small Town

Covid-19: Samarth Eldercare joins hands with universities, institutions to help senior citizens in need

9 August, 2020

At Samarth Community, we experienced the challenges faced by our member community across India and started a free COVID-19 HELPLINE FOR ELDERLY. This... Read More

magazine for senior citizens, samarth magazine

Celebrating the anniversary of Samarth magazine for senior citizens

11 December, 2017

Samarth magazine carries articles, stories, poems and useful information in both English and Hindi with exclusive content meant for senior readers. Read More

Samarth Social Sunday Lunch @ Warehouse Cafe

12 July, 2017

Samarth and Warehouse Cafe hosted a social Sunday lunch on 9 July, 2017. More than 40 community members participated in this event. Read More

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