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smartphone, Elder-Friendly

Smart Ways to Make Smartphone Use Elder-Friendly

24 May, 2019

Here are a few tips to help elderly citizens make most of their Android smartphones. View Article

smartphone, senior tech

Tech Tips For Senior Smart Phones Users

19 December, 2018

Follow these quick and easy tech tips to make use of smartphones well. View Article

Audio Books, reading

Audiobooks – Never Give Up On Your Love For Reading

10 October, 2018

Here is some useful information about Audio Books for book lovers. View Article

virus, alert

All You Need To Know About The WannaCry Malware Attack

16 May, 2017

WannaCry virus and it's impact on your computer and ATMs. View Article

supplements, Nutrition

Move Over Baby Food, Senior Food Is Here!

28 February, 2017

We may soon see products to combat illnesses such as diabetes and osteoporosis on the shelves. View Article

hearing, sound

Hear, Hear! The Evolution Of Hearing Aids

15 February, 2017

Today, hearing aids are the result of some very sophisticated technological advancements. Extremely light and invisible, a far cry from how they... View Article

startup, seniors

Startups Redefining The Senior Lifestyle Landscape

28 December, 2016

How do you feel about starting up on your own? Check out these startups for seniors for inspiration. View Article

Convenience, Tools

Five Products For That Extra Bit Of Comfort In Life

6 October, 2016

Simple and very useful. Check out these products that can make the day easier. View Article

snoring, orthopedic

Get Rid Of The Snoring and Tired Feet

1 October, 2016

New products are emerging daily to help make old habits disappear! View Article

laptop, technology

भारत में मिलने वाले बेस्ट अल्ट्राबुक laptops

20 August, 2016

अगर आप लैपटॉप खरीदना चाह रहें हैं तो ये आसान नहीं है. आजकल इतने मॉडेल्स इतने ब्रांड्स और इतने फीचर्स हैं कि हमने आपके लिए भारत के 10 बेस्ट... View Article

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