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Share a vision to build a happy and peaceful community for Senior citizens. Participate actively in building a useful, dependable network for senior citizens in India. Create a large group, guide the industry to develop the right services and products, create opportunities to enjoy life.

Syed HumayunSiraj

Director - Technical at Tuhyn - Green Energy


Jaswant Rawat

Retired Advisor, National Textile Corporation, Govt of India


Raja Neelakantan

 Retired Senior Manager from Indian Bank


Surinder Khurana

Retired IIT engineer, Extensive experience Social/NGO sectors


Samarth Ambassadors are leaders of the community who believe that they can actively participate in building a useful and dependable society for senior citizens of the country to live a happy and peaceful life. They believe that they are in capable to direct and influence the changes to make the life of Senior citizens and hence the whole society and happier place to live.

Samarth Ambassador connect the local people with the program and resources of the Samarth community. They guide the development of future capabilities a help with local information useful to community members in other cities.

How can you contribute?

You should become a Samarth Ambassador in case you want to work on one or more of the following objectives: 

  • Be the local consultant for Samarth members visiting your city.
  • Recommend and connect local businesses for affiliate programs eg hospitals, labs, clinics, house and household goods  maintenance services, restaurants, hotels etc. 
  • Coordinate a local activity on monthly basis (eg the UN program that we did on elders day / meet and greet for local members).
  • Help coordinate surveys etc. to validate services and products useful for seniors.
  • Help increase awareness of Samarth among friends, local Senior citizen Welfare Organizations, Clubs etc

How will Samarth support you?

To fulfil your role, you will be provided:

  • Listing as Samarth Ambassador on Samarth Webpage with photo and email for contact
  • Samarth Ambassador pack containing
    • Detailed Samarth Introduction (Vision, Current status)
    • Community Fliers For printing and Distribution
    • Get 5 complimentary copies every quarter of the magazine for distribution
    • Updates on Plans and Future initiatives from time to time
  • Join a select whatsapp group of Samarth Ambassadors to discuss future development plans etc.

Who can be a Samarth Ambassador?

You can become a Samarth Ambassador, if you have

  • reasonable knowledge about your city to effectively guide visiting Samarth members.
  • basic knowledge of facebook, email and smartphone usage.
  • an inclination towards working for developing the community to be more useful for fellow seniors.

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Become an Ambassador

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