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I am working at Speakwell they are not giving me my salary of 2 months and i also worked 1 month for them for requirement classes they are not paying me now what to do please help me

Dear Member, This is a most unfortunate situation that you are in. In case you have a formal appointment letter, we would suggest that at the first instance, make a letter to the......Read More

Kamal Nagi Asked 2 May 2018

I wish to file the IT RETURNE for Last FINANCIAL YEAR Can I file INCOME TAX RETURNE for the Last Year i.e 2016- 17Kindly SHARE THANKS REGARDS

The last date for  filing returns is 31st July, in 2016-17, it was extended till 5th August 2017. In case of belated returns, you were allowed to file the returns by 31st March......Read More

Rajit Asked 25 April 2018

I have to undergo nose surgery to lift one nostril for making space to breathe properly I am 65 years of age what would be the cost in Banglore

Such surgery, typically called Septoplasty, corrects the division of bone and cartilage reducing facial pressure and blockages in nose. The costs may vary between 50,000/- to 1,00......Read More

Ganapati Asked 24 April 2018

The ambition with growing age increases but at an age of 65 years the circumstances doesn't permit to do so.Then , illuminate the path which should be followed.

At 65, assess your strengths and advantages. Look for knowledge, experience, time etc. when you are assessing these. Engage in activities which play to your strengths and give you......Read More

Dr.K.S.Ojha. Asked 23 April 2018

Can you will about a property where you do not have a clear title but you are a clear inheritor from a deceased person who died intestate?

No. But a person can make a will for undivided share in the property.When there is no Will, in such cases, “the legal heirs of the person can appoint amongst themselves one or......Read More

V N MATHUR Asked 1 December 2017

Can a copy of the will be given to the executors?

Yes . Executer must be a trusted person.Executor is the legal representative for all purposes of a deceased person (testator) and all the property of a testator vests in him.......Read More

V N MATHUR Asked 1 December 2017

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