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I am working at Speakwell they are not giving me my salary of 2 months and i also worked 1 month for them for requirement classes they are not paying me now what to do please help me

Dear Member,

This is a most unfortunate situation that you are in. In case you have a formal appointment letter, we would suggest that at the first instance, make a letter to the HR head of the company, giving details of your claim, attach a copy of the appointment letter. Please visit the company with these and try a discuss with HR to settle the matter. In case you cannot meet someone, take an acknowledgement of receipt on the copy of the letter.

Post your meeting please email or write a letter to the company documenting the discussion, unless you already have received payment immediately.

If the company refuses to  acknowledge your letter, you may send the same letter by Registered Post With Acknowledgement.

In case this does not work as well, consult a local lawyer as a last resort, who will first send a notice to the company and try and recover funds or take suitable legal action.

Our suggestion is to first try and resolve this bi-laterally, as legal action takes time and money and also causes you stress which is best avoided. We wish you the best for a quick and favourable settlement

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