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Corona Virus – What You Need To Know

5 March, 2020

Corona Virus
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Perhaps, there is nothing more worrying for nations across the world right now, other than this dreaded disease – Corona Virus, a respiratory disease also called COVID-19. In its place of origin, China, currently more than 3200 people are dead from it, and the country is still struggling to stop its spread. In India, though we had two early cases in Kerala, they were monitored, treated and discharged and there is no cause for worry.

Current Situation

However, in the past few days, suddenly, there seems to be a spike in the number of new cases across India. This happened due to people who have returned from abroad, and currently, we have 29 cases under treatment. In this, 14 of them are Italian tourists, and one is their driver. One case is that of a Bangalore techie, who returned from a Dubai assignment, worked for two days in his Bangalore office and then went to his native Hyderabad.

All the people with whom he has had contact have been quarantined. Two new cases, one in Delhi and one in Gurgaon, a Paytm employee have also been reported. Many schools have given off as a precaution, and offices are either being fumigated, or people are being asked to work from home.

The Government of India has risen to the challenge and has issued many advisories to control the spread of the disease and also to treat patients successfully. As a clear precaution, it has been advised that people should avoid travel, especially to countries like China, Korea, Italy, Iran, France, etc. where the spread is more. It has also been suggested that people should avoid large gatherings as that is when the chances of infection spreading to masses from one person can happen, just in case.

The bottom line is that Corona Virus symptoms can be treated if detected in time, and the fatalities are mostly occurring in people who are aged where the immunity is less or are vulnerable due to already existing medical conditions, especially respiratory ones.

How to prevent?

Prevention measures are extremely important in the case of such diseases that spread fast. Hence, here is what you need to know and follow:

  • Follow strict personal hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or any alcohol-based sanitizer, as frequently as you can.
  • If you have a cough, use tissues and discard them, and make sure you cover when you cough or sneeze. It may be good to use a mask in such a case.
  • If there are people around with flu symptoms, avoid contact with them. In fact, it is now advisable to inform such people to stay at home until they get well.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands, as that helps spread the virus into your body.
  • Avoid any contact with wild or farm animals. The origin of this disease is not yet confirmed, and there are theories around humans having contracted this from animals. Hence, it is safer to avoid.
  • Eating any raw or uncooked meat is a big No. If you can avoid meat for a while, that will be best.
  • Masks are of no help, unless you are already infected, or have the flu. The only other reason to wear masks would be if you are travelling, or are taking care of infected people.

It may be a good idea to stock your home with essential medicines and groceries to last a month, just in case you are unable to go out or any case of eventuality happens. There is no need to panic, as all measures are being taken to control the spread, and we only need to follow the directives and cooperate.


The symptoms of Coronavirus are mostly similar to that of the common flu. So, people will have a runny nose, cough, sore throat, and then fever. When it becomes severe, people develop pneumonia and start having breathing issues. As mentioned above, only older people, and those with diabetes or heart conditions, may have the chances of the disease turning severe or fatal.

Hence, if you have such flu-like symptoms, if you feel that the symptoms are not subsiding in a day or two, you should immediately consult a doctor. They would know if there is a need to test you for Corona. Also, you should definitely consult a doctor, if you have travelled to any other country, especially the affected ones and are showing any such symptoms. This is also true if you have come into contact with anyone who has travelled recently, as well.

Stay safe

There are a lot of videos, and misinformation about the virus, it's spread and prevention that are going around. It is important to verify the source of the information before you trust it, forward it, or start following the same. Follow your daily routine activities, make sure to eat and drink healthy and cooked food. Avoid eating or drinking outside, for a while, and build your immunity with a good, balanced diet. Avoid crowds, and travel to the extent possible.

Keep a watch and visit a doctor, if you have flu-like symptoms, and start wearing a mask at such time, just in case. Most people who contract the disease are isolated and treated for symptoms like fever and cough, which get cured. There is absolutely no need to panic, even if you test positive for it, as, in the majority of cases, people get treated and are discharged. So, stay calm, stay safe, but make sure to follow the prevention measures, and let’s stick to Namaste for a while instead of shaking hands!

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