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Eldercare, support

5 Things Every Caregiver in India Should Know

5 December, 2017

While professional caregivers are trained to handle elders and stressful situations, family members are not. Everyone learns as they go along. View Article

mobility, Independent

Mobility Aids for an Independent Life

18 November, 2017

Mobility aids are changing the way seniors can stay mobile, independent and active. View Article

Retirement, Tips

Five Pillars of Happy Ageing

26 August, 2017

How the four aspects of Health, Money, Emotion and Time anchored in Philosophy or Religion can help age blissfully is beautifully described by... View Article

Independence Day,

The Midnight's Children of Samarth

15 August, 2017

Being born on 15th August 1947 is a privilege that only a few share with Independent India. Rameshji, Seth Sahab, Guptaji and Umapathy Sir are four... View Article

Hong kong, senior travel

Fill Your Soul with Hong Kong

14 June, 2017

A great holiday destination for Senior group tour. An amazing mix of old and new. View Article

yoga, indoor exercise

The New Yoga Trend You Must Follow

6 June, 2017

Learn the tips to gaining a full body and mind recharge! View Article

organ donor, transplant

Organ Donation Can Save A Life

1 June, 2017

You can live twice! Save a life through Organ Donation! View Article

insurance, policyholder rights

Understanding Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

29 May, 2017

Health insurance for Seniors have higher risk for insurance companies. It is important these key features when choosing a health insurance policy... View Article

Music, careers

Starting A Second Career With Music

28 February, 2017

Music is universal and everlasting. Many seniors are reviving their love for music and making it more than a hobby. View Article

Chennai, Eldercare

Extending Support to Samarth Community in Chennai with Samriddhi Foundation

24 January, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Samriddhi Foundation, a leading Chennai based organisation working in the area of sustainability, and Samarth... View Article

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