• Jokes for my Valentine - A fun way to spend your Valentines Day! - With Staring: Punya Arora, Rupen Paul and Kritarth Srinivasan
  • comedy
  • live shows
  • Urban Solace - Cafe for the Soul, 32, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road Bangalore India 560 042
  • 14 February   19:00:00
  • Rs. 200



Punya Arora is a Punjabi by nature and South-Indian at heart and a self proclaimed Biryani connoisseur! Her style of comedy is observational, light-hearted and may involve more than one accent. Punya has been featured on every major stand-up stage across India and her work has been covered by print, radio, Buzzfeed and Huffingtonpost India. She is in love with underwater photography, travelling and life in general. She's also a professional photographer and a visiting faculty at Light & Life Academy, Ooty.

Rupen Paul is a South Indian who did not do engineering, not because he was too cool to follow the crowd but mainly because he did not get enough marks. His jokes can find him making fun of the absurdities and oddities of life as experienced by people growing in a middle class homes. He is the winner of the 2014 Comedy Open Mic organised by Big Mic and has performed shows across the country. He considers himself a funny yet grumpy man who has quit his job to pursue a career in making people laugh at his failures.

Kritarth Srinivasan an avid traveler and one among the first comics in Bangalore to have put out his one hour special. Kritarth is a master at cleverly disguising the complexity of any topic and making it sound hilarious, he takes pride in being an engineering drop-out who later went onto become an arts graduate. A confused soul, Brahmin, and a defense brat, Kritarth's comedy is a combination of all these factors which he brings to life in a rib-tickling fashion on stage


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