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Bone Health, exercise

How To Maintain Bone Health As We Age

12 December, 2018

Try these simple tips to maintain bone health as you age. View Article

Knee Replacement Surgery, measures

Knee Replacement Surgery - Preventive Measures and Advancements

4 December, 2018

Here are some preventive measures and advancements in knee replacement surgery. View Article

Heart, fitness

Take Care of Your Heart

15 October, 2018

Here are some tips to take care of your heart View Article

Mann Kaur, inspirational people

It’s Never Too Late - 102 And Running!

18 September, 2018

An inspirational story about a 102-Year-Old Runner View Article

Oil Massage, stress

Benefits of an Oil Massage

6 September, 2018

Here are some benefits of a good oil massage. View Article

seniors, Asiad Champions

Age is No Bar To Become Asiad Champions

5 September, 2018

There is no age bar to become Asiad champions View Article

Brain, puzzles

Few Daily Mind Activities To Keep the Brain Active

27 July, 2018

Here are few daily mind activities to keep the brain active and alert! View Article

seniors, exercise

A Competitive Paddleboarder At 70

16 July, 2018

Some exercise myths busted & advice to seniors from an inspirational paddleboarder. View Article

Physiotherapy, exercise

Common Pains and Aches And Physiotherapy

16 July, 2018

Here are some physiotherapy exercises to relieve and cure pain. View Article

running, Hobby

Inspirational Story of a Senior Marathon Runner

1 July, 2018

Samarth is inspired by senior runner Mr RP Nirmal, adding miles to his life with great positivity. View Article

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