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Loneliness, social interaction

10 Ways to avoid Social Isolation for your Parents

22 January, 2018

Loneliness and social isolation may lead to poor health. Learn how to help your loved ones stay healthy View Article

Eldercare, senior care

Taking care of your aging parents who want to stay independently

22 January, 2018

How do we help our parents to be comfortable and safe in the autumn of their lives? View Article

Nutrition, Diet

Do You Have A Nutrition Deficiency?

21 January, 2018

Nutritional deficiency leads to many other health problems, like low hemoglobin and low red blood cell count leading to a general weakness and... View Article

indoor exercise, aerobics

Fitness Pointers For Senior Women

18 January, 2018

It is important for women to take care of their health as this is usually a much-neglected thing. View Article

indoor exercise, fitness

Keeping Fit When It Is Too Cold Outside

10 January, 2018

Don't give up due to the cold. Health issues are very common, and certain illnesses like arthritis or asthma may take a turn for the worse. View Article

winter care, life hacks

Winter Hacks To Help You Cope With The Season

26 December, 2017

Staying warm this winter is easy! View Article

seniors, Loneliness

How To Handle Life When Kids Are Away From Home

26 December, 2017

Having grown kids far from us can be hard, but necessary. View Article

Cooking, appliances

Easy Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Microwave

21 December, 2017

There are many small but easy hacks that can save you a lot of time and effort and stop your microwave from being just a heating box! View Article

Dementia, games

How a Mobile Game is Helping Understand Dementia

13 December, 2017

This is a game with a difference, created with a purpose - to help scientists find ways to diagnose dementia early as well as arrive at treatment... View Article

walking, indoor exercise

Sitting Is The New Smoking

5 December, 2017

Sitting for too many hours is the silent killer we all ignore. View Article

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