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Insomnia, summer

Beating the Heat and Insomnia

18 April, 2018

How to beat the summer heat and get a good night's sleep? Here are a few tips and tricks you can try. View Article

Sleep, nap

Benefits of Afternoon Nap

11 April, 2018

Give yourself the joy of an afternoon nap. It's good for you! View Article

medicines, prescription

Why Self-Medication Can Be Harmful

11 April, 2018

Self-medication can be dangerous. Get help from Samarth to stick to your prescriptions. View Article

bone, osteoporosis

How To Prevent Osteoarthritis

11 April, 2018

What is osteoarthritis and can it prevented or treated successfully? View Article

heatstroke, summer

All You Need To Know About Heatstroke

11 April, 2018

Come, summer, and it brings with it a whole host of issues, and among them, heatstroke is a common one. View Article

walking, cardio

How Fast Should You Walk For Effective Exercise?

4 April, 2018

Walking is beneficial in so many ways. But just how fast should you walk? View Article

cancer, diagnosis

Cancer Detection Made Easy?

28 March, 2018

Cancer detection is not easy, and symptoms don’t always show up early. Is there new hope? View Article

weight management, hormones

Weight Concerns For Senior Women

28 March, 2018

The obesity factor among seniors gives rise to many other issues like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, etc. View Article

technology, Dementia

Can Technology Like Amazon Echo Help Dementia Patients?

19 March, 2018

there is a lot of buzz about the use of technology for the betterment of the life of seniors and how much virtual assistants can play a role in this. View Article

skin, botox

What Is Botox And Should A Senior Consider It?

19 March, 2018

The debate about Botox continues, with most people, especially celebrities feeling the pressure to look good, and young. View Article

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