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Adult Diapers – Not So Taboo Anymore

13 January, 2020

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The lifestyle changes to be adopted as we age is something that which we resist, as it is not so easy to accept that we need to make these changes. When we make these changes, we accept that we are ageing, and that is also not a comfortable thought. However, it is good to accept reality and age gracefully and also accept certain changes that can benefit us as well as the caregivers and family around us.

Adult diapers are one such taboo topic in India that is avoided rather than being discussed; however, slowly, the approach towards the usage of adult diapers is changing, and its benefits are being discussed. Even many young people, too, prefer to use adult diapers at times, and that is how the taboo surrounding this topic is slowly changing. For many people who have mobility issues, perhaps, this is not a matter of choice; however, there are times and occasions when even the fully mobile people may have to take to adult diapers.

The need

As we age, the body weakens, and as a result of the bladder muscles too, become weak. At times, this results in small amounts of urine being released, at times involuntarily. Frequent urination may also be a cause, especially if you have diabetic issues. Hence, urinary incontinence is common among the older population, even if many people fail to acknowledge it.

This could become an issue, especially when you have to step out for some occasions, or especially while travelling. While travelling, there is also the issue of a neat toilet not being available, or problems of hygiene as well, leading to infections. In such cases, it is advisable and sensible to opt for an adult diaper. Interestingly, astronauts wear adult diapers when they lift off, and land and these extra absorbent diapers help them stay comfortable for the duration of a minimum of six hours, to cover the takeoff and landing.

Albeit the fact that some people find it embarrassing to say that they use an adult diaper, it is always better than being caught in even more embarrassing situations by not being able to hold on to your bladder. Some people only use it during the nights to have an undisturbed sleep.

Tips for usage

Just as in the case of baby diapers, adult diapers come in various sizes, forms, and absorbing capacity. While the person wearing it may feel as if everyone around can make out, the diapers are not really so obvious, and one can wear it comfortably, and be discreet about it if you wish to. By the way, nothing is embarrassing about it either, and if you are comfortable with people knowing, then that is fine too. There are many brands available in India now, and you may discuss the issue out with your doctor if you feel that you may want to use it for certain occasions or even regularly.

It is available online and even in our Samarth shop, and you also can check out availability on other websites or even nearby chemist shops. Please follow the instructions on the pack carefully to wear it, change it, or dispose of it. It is important to follow hygiene while changing as well as disposing of it. Also, care should be taken so that you don’t end up getting rashes due to long usage. If you don’t change it in time, it could even result in embarrassing leaks. Hence it is essential to understand the usage and go by that.

Many YouTube videos teach you how to wear them, how to choose one, how to change it, etc. In case you would like to go through, you can check them out as well. In the worst case that you find any issues because of using it or end up having any rashes or any other uses, please discontinue immediately and consult your doctor.


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