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Ajwain for Well-being

1 December, 2020


Prominent among the home remedies for many common diseases, Ajwain seeds have many health benefits. Also known as carom or caraway seeds, Oma or Omum, it is a small oval-shaped seed, similar to looks like fennel or cumin. It has a pungent and bitter taste when eaten as is. It does have a nice herbal aroma, which is why it is used in cooking and baking a lot. Its strong aroma should be used only in small quantities; else it will overpower the dish.

In India, Ajwain is a very common digestive remedy, and when people complain of indigestion, Ajwain is boiled in water to make Ajwain pani, as an effective remedy. It is also a good source of fibre and protein and is also loaded with essential oils like thymol, pinene, cymene, carvacrol, limonene, and terpinene. It is a combination of all these components that makes Ajwain a promoter of well-being through numerous health benefits.

Promotes Digestion

As mentioned above, it promotes digestion by improving gut health. It helps with indigestion, bloating, flatulence, acidity, and gastric issues. It is also said that it heals ulcers in the stomach, intestines, and oesophagus. The enzymes in Ajwain promote gastric juices' secretion, heal them, and promote gut health and digestion. Ajwain water is said to reduce the chances of getting kidney stones or passing them in the urine. 

Combats Infections

One of the many reasons for infections in the stomach or intestine is bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli. Ajwain helps fight such bacteria's growth because of the essential oils like thymol and carvacrol present in it. These essential oils help fight bacteria in general and not just the gut ones. It is also said to be a good germicide and pesticide and can heal wounds even. This property makes it useful as a good mosquito repellent as well. 

Regulates Blood Pressure

The plant enzymes in Ajwain block the calcium from entering the blood, which regulates the blood pressure. Thus, it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes caused by uncontrolled blood pressure. 

Helps with Cold and Cough

Ajwain helps clear the airways and the nasal blocks by removing mucus and improving airflow to the lungs. It also helps widen the bronchial tubes that help in cases like asthma. This makes it a good cold and cough remedy that is commonly used in Indian households.

Arthritis Pain Relief

The arthritis pain is caused the inflammation in the joints, and since Ajwain has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with this. Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, it also possesses anti-analgesic properties, which helps immensely in reducing the pain. For the same reason, Ajwain can also relieve toothaches. It is considered to be a good mouth wash for maintaining oral hygiene. The essential oil Thymol helps fight the bacteria and used the anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic powers to relieve the toothache. Ajwain oil is also used to treat earaches. 

Promotes Skin Health

Ajwain treats damage caused by oxidative stress and can help with sunburns, age-related wrinkles, dark spots, and circles. It is also used in acne treatment and removing blemishes.  It even prevents greying of hair and also helps with conditions like scalp itching, dandruff. It promotes blood circulation and strengthens the roots of the hair.

Other uses

The Ajwain plant is found in many Indian homes, and its leaves are used for making Kaada to help with cold and cough. Its anti-spasmodic properties provide relief from cramps and spasms, including that of menstrual cramps. There are also claims that Ajwain's consumption helps with weight reduction if taken on an empty stomach in the mornings. 

Smelling Ajwain seeds can even help relieve headaches, including migraines. It can be used in cooking, as a powder, paste, or in the oil form, or just boiled in water after dry roasting. However, as in the case of any other spice, consumption in large quantities can lead to side effects as well. Caution to be exercised in the usage, especially if you are suffering from any specific health conditions. A small spoonful of the same taken every day should otherwise be quite good for the health.

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