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The Alternatives To Plastic Water Bottles

18 March, 2019

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People across the globe are turning to alternatives to plastic, as it has now been established, that plastic is not eco-friendly or biodegradable. More importantly, plastic water bottles are even more dangerous, as drinking water from it can be harmful to our health. Also, the manufacture of these plastic water bottles is also increasing the carbon footprint, adding to environmental pollution.

Earlier on, it was discovered most plastic containers with BPA (Bisphenol A), which is an industrial chemical, that is harmful to our health in many ways, with few claims that it could even lead to cancer. However, plastic manufacturing took this into account, and most of the plastic that comes out now is BPA free. However, it is said that BPA is being replaced by some other chemicals, that are also toxic and cause issues to us. Apart from containers, the maximum damage caused by plastic is in the use of water bottles. So, do we have safe alternatives to plastic water bottles?

Stainless Steel

Well, it may be time for us to go back to the good old stainless steel of our grandma’s time! Steel was discarded for being heavy, and unfashionable; however, it is now slowly making its way back to our households, especially where containers and water bottles are concerned. The stainless steel water bottles, are durable, recyclable, reusable, as well as available in many sizes and insulated as well. These may be an excellent healthy alternative to store the drinking water at homes. The only hitch you may find with steel is that it would be slightly heavy to carry.

An advantage is that you can use these as flasks to store both cold and hot water in them. Even other beverages like tea, coffee or juices may be carried in these, as it does not react with the liquid stored in it and there is no chemical leakage into the liquid or change in taste. You may have to wash and dry it thoroughly if you use it to store liquids or beverages other than water, to avoid any smell.


Another metal option that can be considered is copper, which is also something that became unfashionable and has come back. Copper water bottles are extremely healthy, and we have already read about it. To put it in short, drinking water stored in copper bottles overnight can provide amazing health benefits. This water is considered to be positively charged water, as copper does react with the water and it is good for our body.

It balances our body, aids in digestion, slows the aging process, stimulates our body, and more importantly, kills harmful bacteria in the water. This over some time helps build our immunity as well. Hence, one alternative to harmful plastic water bottles is using copper water bottles. These are also now available in abundance, in various sizes to suit your needs. They are slightly heavier than lightweight plastic to carry. Also, you can only use it to store water and also needs proper cleaning with lemon and salt, now and then to maintain the color as well. Also, it may dent, if it falls.


The one other alternative to plastic that can be considered is glass. Glass is eco-friendly, reusable and also 100% recyclable. Glass is also more attractive; however the one big issue is that it is easily breakable. However, glass water bottles are now available in protective sleeves, that also makes it look more attractive. But, it is just not an option for kids or seniors, even though it does not create any health issues like plastic. To the extent possible, it is safer to stick to steel or copper. Glass can also be substantial, and hence chances of it slipping can be more.


Lightweight aluminum is another metal that is being used for making water bottles. This is safer than plastic and lighter to carry; however, the hitch with this is that aluminum always reacts with water and hence will have to be lined or coated with something else, which again can be harmful. It depends on what coating the aluminum is given, and the same can also bring about a change in taste, apart from being harmful. Even though this is cheaper, it may not be healthier, and also it can dent fast, being lightweight.

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