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Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessels

31 December, 2018

Copper vessels
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Quite possibly, a few of us still have a few copper vessels stashed away somewhere in our homes, and we may have received these from our grandparents. Copper vessels were used extensively in the olden times in India, primarily to store drinking water; however, as times changed and steel and other mixed metals and alloys came in, the unfashionable copper gave way to these. Of course, one factor which aided the disappearance of copper from our homes was because they were not easily maintained.

However, as we have often noticed, certain things in life full circle and copper vessels, at least the copper bottom cook and serve ones and more importantly, copper glasses are a fad again. The health benefits linked to this metal is what has made people reach out to the copper glasses again. As is the case with many ancient things which we discarded and have embraced again, so is the case with copper.

The Natural Purification

It has now been proved scientifically that water stored in copper vessels undergoes a natural purification. Pretty much like the water purifiers that we use in our homes these days, storage of drinking water in copper a vessel can actually rid the water of much-unwanted stuff. These include bacteria, mold, microorganisms, fungi, and algae that could be harmful to our body on consumption.

This happens when water has been stored in the vessel for a couple of hours, preferably overnight. The water also gains a bit of copper in it, and our body does need copper as well as one of the many minerals essential to sustain it. Copper helps neutralize the toxins in our body and possesses antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and even anti-carcinogenic properties. Ayurveda evangelists suggest that one should drink a glass of water stored in a copper glass overnight, first thing in the morning. This can remove most ill effects and bring about a healthy balance in our body through improved metabolic functionality. So, it appears that our ancestors who used copper did indeed have a good understanding of this metal and its unusual healthy properties.

The Benefits

Copper helps our digestive system in many ways as it works like a detoxifier, while also being an anti-inflammatory agent, thus help reduce ulcers and infections. It kills harmful bacteria in the stomach and also enhances the kidney and liver functions. It aids better digestion of food, by helping break the food particles in our stomach. Copper in the water that you consume can also help break down fats, and thus aid in managing your weight.

Copper is said to be a natural remedy for the aging signs in our face, as it contains lots of antioxidants and prevents cell damage. Copper also helps in the production of new cells and helps keep our skin looking young. It is a prime element that helps produce melanin, the skin pigment that is responsible for our skin, hair and eye color. It can help us look younger by delaying aging signs. Another aspect of interest to the aging population is that copper can also help reduce the inflammations causing arthritis pain. Besides, it also strengthens the bone as well as the immune system, thus helping you stay fitter.

What is more, copper can even lower your bad cholesterol and keep blood pressure at bay and prevent heart diseases. Also, as we already know, anything rich in antioxidants can also help in the prevention of cancer, and fighting off any forms of infections in the body. Drinking water stored in copper vessels can also help people regulate the thyroid functions. Copper also helps in the better absorption of iron in the body, and thus can also help you keep anemia away.

The Options

It may be difficult for us to get back to using copper vessels for cooking or for storing drinking water in our houses. However, what we can do is to use copper water bottles or glasses for storing drinking water before use for a couple of hours or overnight. This can help us with all the benefits listed above and perhaps, act as an aid to remain healthier and fit.

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