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Board Games For Leisure And Health

14 January, 2019

Board Games
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Do you find playing a board game with your family and friends enjoyable? Perhaps, your grandkids pester you to play with them, and you give in; In any case, it appears that you are on the right track to keep yourself occupied and to also ensure that you are maintaining your health. You may wonder how playing board games can help one’s health, but it is true. These games may just have been keeping you young, and if you aren’t yet playing them, perhaps it’s time you did.

The benefits

Without a doubt, the cognitive benefits that one derives from these are the best. It helps keep your brain active and sharp and your memory intact. It increases your concentration and reaction levels. Without a doubt, a few of the games will also improve your strategizing skills. Cognitive decline in the form of dementia is one of the major worries for most aging people. However, playing a few board games regularly may well be one of the best ways to prevent such issues. Diseases like Alzheimer’s usually affect the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It is said board games help support these areas of the brain from decline. Research in this area suggests that board games can reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s by as much as 75% even!

When you play games, you are fully immersed in it, and it is a joyful recreation, resulting automatically in stress reduction. Stress, as you know is a significant cause of many other health issues like blood pressure, stroke, etc. Thus, playing board games regularly can help you remain healthy. There are studies that have proved that people playing board games release neuropeptides that help reduce stress and thus help also boost your immunity. Especially if you are mobile, board games could be your best bet for entertainment as well as health upkeep.

Board games may also be the much-needed family bonding time in the family, which is missing nowadays because of the onset of TV, and devices. This could help bring the family together and provide entertainment for people of all ages in the family. You may even have fun competitions like a Sudoku, Chess or Cards event every once in a while, and follow it up with some family treats. You could have “Game Nights” and make it something that everyone looks forward to. Games like Scrabble could teach kids in the family, and at times, even adults a few new spellings. If you mix this up with the challenge of learning a few words every week, it may help kids who are participating in the Spelling Bee kind of competitions and improve their vocabulary.

The options

While earlier, we only used to have Ludo, Carrom, Cards and Snakes, and Ladders, today, the choices are many. A new game can be a good gifting option in the family as well, as it benefits everyone. Chinese Checkers, Solitaire, Monopoly, a variety of intriguing puzzles, Cluedo, Scotland Yard, or even the latest Jenga can be entertaining options that can be explored.

Now that you know that these games can help you remain healthy and sharp, you should set aside some time every day or week to play these games. Prepare a timetable and stick to it, just as you would to your physical exercise. These fun times could increase your life span by a couple of years, keep you happy and healthy, and improve your overall family bonding. So, it is true that games are not just for the young, but also for the seniors and may just help them stay young, and what is more, it has been scientifically proven as well. So, go ahead, and keep the child in you alive!

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