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The Complete Monsoon Guide

11 June, 2020

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In the present scenario, the one uncompromising precaution for senior people is to stay at home. The Coronavirus has indeed changed the lives of people across the world, and more so, for the aged people. The only thing that may be a saving grace would be to go for a walk within the community, apartment complex, etc. with adequate precaution. In any case, with the Monsoon hitting many parts of India already, it is as well to stay at home. However, there is a set of other things that need to be taken into account to ensure that the rainy season goes by peacefully.

Stay healthy

Typically, the rainy season is also when the flu, viral fever, dengue, and malaria, etc. are seen. When you look at the symptoms of Coronavirus, many of those are also the same as that of these seasonal issues. Hence, it is important to keep oneself healthy. Staying can help avoid the climate, but it is important to also ensure proper hygiene, a good diet, and exercise, and also keeping fit mentally. However, if any symptoms like fever, dry cough, breathlessness, etc. occur, it is advisable to contact your regular doctor or the city’s helpline number. Please do not ignore the symptoms, or presume it to be of a seasonal issue. It is better to be safe than be sorry.

Healthy diet

Eating a balanced diet will mean that you would include a rainbow in it! Yes, you need to ensure that you eat all coloured fresh fruits and veggies. Including antioxidant-filled dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates, prunes, etc. in your daily intake is good for health. It is important to eat light and hot meals and eat them in time. Avoid fried foods and fizzy drinks and instead, stick to homemade soups. Since there is government directive from the Ayush ministry to pump up the immunity, all those spices like turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, shunti or dried ginger can be used in cooking.

You could also take them in the tea form. It is safe to consume all seasonal fruits and vegetables as they would provide you with some essential nutrients. Ensure some Vitamin C intake as well through citrus fruits. It may be good to avoid leafy veggies for a while as they contain more germ content during the Monsoon.

House and vehicle care

Ensure that the rains do not enter the house through open windows and balconies and spoil your floor. It may be good to keep the windows closed when it is raining and in the evenings to avoid mosquitoes. Change the curtains to something nice and bright to counter the gloomy weather. Use stable rugs and carpets so that you don’t catch a cold in case of extreme rains dipping the temperature. Use anti-skid mats in places like balconies and entrances just to be on the safe side.

 Use a dryer to dry out the clothes, if enough sun is not available, and wear warm clothes to feel comfortable.  You may also need to ensure that your vehicles are in good shape for the time that you are not using them. Service them and park them properly in a covered area or use covers to keep them safe from the inclement weather.


Identify some good movies or web series to watch and arrange for some homemade popcorn to go with it. You could also play board games with your family, especially grandkids. You could arrange for story reading or storytelling sessions as well. Since many are still working from home, and kids are having online classes, you could choose to help with the house chores or assist the kids with the homework.

Another good idea to while away the afternoons, if you do not want to take a long nap, is to identify some books to read. Make your list, and order them online, or ask your family to get it from the local stores. You could also choose to download the digital version like the Amazon Kindle version. Exchange notes on what to read and watch, and even cook with your family and friends.


An important part of staying healthy would also involve regular exercise. Just because you are not able to step out, does not mean you should give up on that walk. You could choose to do some breathing exercises, simple yogasanas, or stretch exercises. You could also walk within the possible perimeters of the house or the corridors or the terrace. If you have an exercise cycle that is also a good idea to burn a few calories and keep yourself fit. If you are mobile, even doing a bit of the household chores is good enough to keep you active.


It is a good idea to monitor your parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. if you are on medications for such conditions. People with respiratory issues should also watch out and monitor for any change in condition, and seek medical advice immediately when required. Please keep all emergency numbers handy in the mobile or a diary so that someone else can also use them if needed.

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