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Earthen Pots For a Healthy Summer

7 April, 2020

Earthen Pots
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Using earthen or clay pots to store water is not a new phenomenon for Indians. For many Indian households, it is not something fashionable, but just a way of healthy living. Though many households have a refrigerator, they still use a ‘matka’ for storing drinking water during summer. The water from the matka, is not just cooled naturally, but also comes with some health benefits. Most importantly, it does not harm your throat as the fridge water does. In summer, water consumption is more, and it is important to stay hydrated. Using that earthen pot might just do more than quench your thirst. Here is an insight into why this practice is still prevalent across India, despite urbanization.


The naturally cooled water from a matka is very refreshing and keeps your body cool for a long period. This ensures that you ward off the excessive effects of the scorching summer. Thus, you may be able to prevent heat strokes. One other reason why this water helps you is that it is healthy, as the water stored in clay pots, will absorb the nutrients from the clay.

Helps maintain the pH level

Our body is acidic, whereas clay has alkaline properties that are absorbed into the water stored in it. Thus, when we drink water from the earthen pot, it helps keep acidity at bay and maintain the pH level of the body. This means that we remain healthier, as acidity and gastric issues are solved naturally. This is good for better metabolism and digestion, as well.


When considering environmental issues, there is nothing better than shift to earthen pots to store water. The other option of storing water in a fridge would have meant that you would have to use either plastic bottles. While using steel or glass bottles can be considered, it may not be as easy or viable, and most people use plastic bottles for refrigerating water. Thus, by choosing to use clay pots, you may also be reducing the use of plastic and contributing to the environmental cause.

No fear of sore throats

The artificially cooled refrigerated water almost always ends up giving you a sore throat. At times, people get recurring cold and sore throat only due to this issue. While at times, a little bit of salt water gargling may help relieve the sore throat, you may also need to take antibiotics at other times, for relief. Thus, by shifting to drinking water from a matka, can help you avoid sore throats and taking unnecessary medicines.

Other benefits

An earthen pot is quite pocket friendly and is usually durable as well. Also, by buying this stuff from the local pottery makers, who abound the city, you will be supporting their livelihood. One or two pots can last a long time for a household. Also, you can continue to use it throughout the year almost, in tropical climates like that in India. Only for such places where the winter is really harsh, it may not be wise to use the matka in that season. The water in an earthen pot is usually cooler than the outside temperature because of the porous nature of clay. This is exactly why it makes for such a wonderful vessel to store water in summer.


It is important to maintain some hygiene while using the matkas. They should be cleaned gently and regularly and kept covered always. You can sundry the matka after you have cleaned it, before a refill. You could pour the filtered water into it, or boil and cool the water before pouring into it. Some come with a water dispensing tap which makes it easier. But if you use one without a tap, then make sure that none dip their hands into the water every time they take the water out. Keep a long-handled glass or ladle to take the water out to avoid people dipping their hands in it, even accidentally. Keep the pot in a clean and hygienic place and avoid dust and germs.

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