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Eye Care Tips

6 September, 2018

Eye Care
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It goes without saying that as we age, our vision will also take some hits and hence will need some care. Usually, when people hit the 40s, they may require reading glasses. This is more so, as the people are now spending more time on the screens. Constant use of the computers, laptops, mobiles, and TV are also the cause of the many vision issues. This issue could aggravate in seniors as the eyesight normally takes a beating as we age. Also, problems like cataract, glaucoma and the likes or eye damage due to diabetes, etc. are common.

Hence, it is essential to understand that the eyes are an important part of our body and needs proper care. Sadly, we usually ignore this body part, unless it starts giving us some trouble. However, please follow a few steps given below that can help you keep your eyesight going well. If vision is ok, it helps a lot in being able to live a full, healthy and independent life. Otherwise, you may have to be dependent on someone for even the basic needs. Also, even if you are immobile, being able to watch a TV or a read a book, or spend time playing with grandkids, etc. can be a big blessing. But, if eyesight is lost, these little pleasures, we may be deprived of these small pleasures as well.

Regular checkups

Regular eye checkups are a must for all those above 40 and hence, more so for those above 60. You may only be using reading glasses or not at all. Or you may already be using glasses or contact lens for your vision correction. Whatever be the case, please make a note of your eye checkup dates and ensure that you get one done in time. Usually, if there are any issues, once in six months is advisable; else, once a year will also do.

Factors affecting the vision

The eyes are affected by diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc., and hence it is important to get that checkup, especially if you have any of these issues. These diseases can affect the blood vessels of the eye and thus affect your vision. Hence, you need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to either prevent these diseases or keep them in check.

Eating right

It may sound a little strange, but you can indeed maintain a good diet that can help your eye health. Low-fat diets, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, are advisable for your eyes. Also, include whole grains and Vitamin A rich foods like carrots, papayas, pumpkins, etc. Any citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables, foods with omega three fatty acids like fish, nuts with Vitamin E like cashews and walnuts, sweet potatoes, and eggs are all foods that are good for your eye health. Also, ensure to drink lots of water throughout the day. This is good for health in general and not just for the eyes.


If you thought exercise was only for the body, then let it be known that even eyes are an important part of the body and hence eyes too are benefited, if you exercise regularly. Exercise helps increase blood flow in the eyes and thus enables you to maintain a good vision and eye health in general. Also, for those who work with screens for long, few simple eye exercises are also suggested. Looking away from the screen on something far off, blinking consciously now and then, palming your eyes, etc. are good for the vision. Depending on any specific eye condition that you may have, like the dry eye, etc., the doctor may also suggest a few exercises.

Avoid smoking

Smoking not just kills; it can also affect your eyesight, as it is one of the factors for cataract. The smoke is also an irritant to your eye and aids the age-related muscle degeneration. Hence, it is better to avoid smoking altogether.

Wash your eyes regularly to keep it free of dirt, dust, and bacteria. Also, maintain eye hygiene and do not share eye drops or ointments with anyone. Wear sunglasses if you are stepping out in the sun and ensure to use your prescribed glasses, if any, always.

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