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The Fruit Vs The Juice

6 February, 2019

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As we have been reading, fruits are good for health, and fresh fruits are a great way of ensuring that you can keep many diseases at bay. While a few articles suggest it is good to eat fruits, a few others urge you to drink juices. So, you may be wondering, about whether on one should eat a fruit or drink its juice. Also, are there any reasons why one should eat fruit rather than blend it into a juice? Also, because many diets suggest you drink fruit juices, especially at breakfast.


If you are one of those, who do not eat fruits at all, and prefer juices, then perhaps, it is good to say that, having fresh fruit juices, is undoubtedly better than not having any fruit at all. In other words, there is nothing as good and healthy as eating fruit. A 2013 Harvard study indicated that consumption of fruit juices every day increased risks of developing diabetes by as much as 21%. The reasons quoted for this are:

  • Juices have less dietary fiber and lower phytochemicals that are beneficial to us
  • Juices are absorbed faster into the bloodstream, and this leads to dramatic changes in sugar and insulin levels

Now compare this with another input that says that consumption of two serving of whole fruits in a week, can help reduce the chances of developing diabetes by 23%. So, it is evident that it is indeed better to eat fruits as a whole and to limit one’s consumption of juices to the extent possible.

Issues with the juice

Apart from the main points mentioned above, fruit juices will break down the structure of the fruit, and that leads to the loss of many beneficial compounds, like the nutrients. Also, when we eat fruit as a whole, we chew it, and that adds to the digestive process. While with fruit, you may take time and eat one at a time, while drinking juice, you may easily overdo the quantity.

In many fruits, the edible peel has many compounds that are highly beneficial to our health. These include fiber, carotenoids, flavonoids, etc. Also, juices tend to be more acidic than the fruit itself, and hence over consumption can harm your teeth as well. This is true in the case of fruits like orange, grapes, and pineapple.

The higher presence of sugar content can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, heart disease or as we saw above, even Type 2 diabetes. This is why it is advisable to eat fruit rather than drink a glass of juice.


One way to balance this out could be to eat fruits and drink juices alternately, and not overdoing the juice part. Another way suggested by dieticians is to blend the fruits as smoothies rather than clear juices, retaining the pulp and fiber to a great extent. Smoothies also cause a lower release of the nutrients into the bloodstream, and thus better than juices. Smoothies are also useful to keep your hunger at bay, as compared to juice. However, the fruit will still lose a bit of nutrient and fiber, when it is blended.

The verdict

So, in the end, on the health front, the verdict out is that it is always better to eat fruit as a whole, rather than drink its juice or blend it into a smoothie. However, in the event of any issues in eating fruit, drinking a juice or a smoothie, and in moderation, is not a bad idea. It is better to have fresh fruit juices and smoothies, rather than artificially flavored and canned ones, with added sugar and preservatives.

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