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Fruits for Diabetics

17 April, 2019

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The diet of Diabetics is something that needs special attention as they have to watch out for the sugar levels in the blood with every bite they take. As such, they have certain restrictions to keep in mind. This also includes certain fruits, as most fruits are said to have natural sugars that may increase the blood sugar levels. However, which are those fruits that the people with diabetes can eat in peace, without having to worry about the sugar levels? Here is rundown on a few fruits that can be consumed. A point to note here is that it is always better for people with diabetes to eat fruit rather than drink its juice.


Oh, yes, and that brings us back to Pomegranate, the Super Fruit; we have seen already, why this fruit is a very popular one among the health conscious people. It has a lot of benefits for the seniors which we have already talked about. This wonder fruit can help you in many ways and can help you maintain your sugar levels as well. Hence, it is good to eat a bowl of these red pearls every day to gain the maximum benefit out of it. It does not harm your health or your diabetes control in any way. In fact, it could help to keep you healthy, fit and fine and prevent many diseases as well.


Of course, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and not just that, as we have seen already, it also keeps diabetes away! Apples have a lot of points going for it, where our health is concerned. And this is more so, in the case of people with diabetes. A bowl of apples, washed thoroughly and cut, and eaten as a mid-meal snack can help a lot in staying healthy as well as maintaining the blood sugar levels. This is proper nutrition and helps prevent diabetes as well. Besides, it has many other factors going for it, and hence, this is one fruit that people with diabetes can eat in peace. 


Another fruit that people with diabetes can happily include in their diet is Guava. This one comes rich with fiber and is a great snack for people with a low glycemic index. The fiber also helps ease constipation, which is another common complaint in old age, especially in people with diabetes. This fruit also comes with a high quantity of Vitamins A and C, which are again beneficial to our overall health.


This fruit happens to be a great favorite among the diabetic population, for its rich taste, texture, color as well as the multiple health benefits. There are numerous varieties of this fruit, in seeded as well as seedless, and in shades of orange to bright red. The natural antioxidants in Papaya are what make it an excellent snack for diabetics. Also, Papaya helps in preventing nerve and heart damage, both of which are rather common in people with diabetes. It actually prevents cell damage, thus keeping people healthier and helps them live longer.


Not just oranges, most citrus fruits are highly beneficial for people who have diabetes. Oranges contain flavonols, flavanones, and phenolic acid, which have excellent protective capabilities, and more so in the case if diabetics. Besides, they slow down the glucose metabolism and also hinder the movement of glucose through parts like the liver and the intestine. This makes it a highly beneficial fruit to eat for the diabetics.


Cherries are suitable for people with diabetes, and, most people in the medical fraternity, quoting research done on this topic, suggest that it may soon be a part of diabetes treatment. For example, anthocyanins naturally occurring in these are chemicals that boost insulin production by as much as 50% and help control the blood sugar levels in the body. While research is still going on with this, it is evident that it is good to include cherries in your diet.

Per se, when eaten in a limited quantity, people with diabetes can eat most fruits apart from Chikkoo, custard apple, mango, jackfruit, etc., which are said to be having high sugar content. The key is to eat it in moderation as a snack and not more than a fruit a day.

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