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Home Remedies For Common Ailments

29 January, 2018

Home Remedies
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Minor ailments are a part of aging, and at times, few things may turn severe, needing proper medical treatment as well. However, most other everyday niggles, pains, cough, stomach ailments and the likes can be easily treated at home. Call it home remedies or granny’s wisdom, handed down over generations, these come in handy. Also, taking a lot of allopathic medicines for each and every issue is said to be not good. Many of these medicines come with some side effects or the other. Hence, it is always better to try out a few home remedies for common ailments. It goes without saying that, if symptoms persist or aggravate, immediate doctor’s attention should be sought.

Home Remedies

Given below is a list of common home remedies that you can try out, without much hassles or side effects.


Many people struggle with memory issues as they age and Alzheimer’s disease is a reality that the society is struggling to cope with. One way to keep your memory as sharp as possible is to eat a few soaked almonds every day. These should be peeled before eating, as the brown skin of the almonds does not digest fast and also makes it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients. Apart from this Brahmi can be used in the diet for the same purpose. It is highly beneficial. There are many trusted Ayurvedic Brahmi supplements in the market. Or else, many easy recipes like Brahmi chutney or dal can be made as part of the regular diet.


Ginger is an age-old Indian herb used for digestion issues. It is highly anti-oxidant features is known to relieve indigestion, as well as constipation. A concoction made from boiling a few basil leaves along with ginger can also be taken for this purpose. Carom seeds or ajwain is another thing used to relieve indigestion. This can be taken along with water or even had in the powder form. Even Amla or gooseberry is an excellent thing to be used for relief from indigestion.

Weak bones

A common problem seen in many seniors, especially women is osteoporosis. This leads to easy fractures in case of any fall, and also makes it difficult for bones to heal fast. Bone health can be maintained through regular consumption of millets or ragi. Ragi powder (atta) is easily available in the supermarkets. Many recipes are available, like ragi dosa, idly, roti, sweet etc. that can be made easily. This is rich in calcium and even helps people with arthritis. Eating foods rich in Vitamin D also help in the bone health. So, you may also include nuts, leafy vegetables, seeds, soya beans, lentils, etc. for keeping up the bone health.


Constipation is another common problem seen in older people. The key to avoid this is to include lots of fibre content into your diet; include a variety of fruits, broken wheat (daliya), oats, etc. In case if you happen to get constipation, you can try out a combination of hot water with a bit of honey and lemon juice for relief.

Cough and Cold

Usually, a ‘kashaaya’ or concoction can be made from boiling a small piece of mashed ginger, and a few pepper pods or a pinch of pepper powder with a cup of water. A little jaggery (gud) can be added for taste if required. This can be taken hot, for relief from cold and cough. If you have Tulsi leaves, a few can be added to this, while boiling. Ginger is highly effective in relieving cold and cough and even its juice can be mixed with a spoonful of honey and consumed.

Pains and niggles

Turmeric has an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic capabilities. It has proven medicinal benefits. Adding this to the diet helps overall as well as in relieving pain. Mixing a pinch of turmeric (haldi) in a glass of milk and having it at night before sleep, is an ancient Indian medicine that relieves body pains and even helps in cold.

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