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Interesting Cucumber Facts

29 January, 2019

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Every vegetable has a story and a few benefits that we do not know about, and cucumber happens to be one such. We know it as a tasty, salad vegetable and at best, we have seen ladies putting cucumber slices on the eyes, as part of their beauty treatment. However, cucumber is a multi-use vegetable that comes with many benefits that we do not know about. You may quite be surprised by a few things that cucumber can do. So, here is a rundown on what all it can do, and how it helps us.

Cucumber is Cool

It is not for naught that the term “as cool as a cucumber” is used; cucumber is indeed a cool vegetable. It comes with the ability to cool the temperature of your blood. This is why it is used as a pack on the eyes and at times even on the face. Many facial beauty regimes include cucumbers.

Cucumber helps with hydration

If you find it hard to drink eight glasses of water in a day, you could mix it up with eating slices of cucumber in between. Cucumber is made up of water 95% and hence is equivalent to drinking water. What’s more, apart from quenching thirst, cucumber is also a healthy snack, as it also quenches hunger.

Cucumber to clean!

Cucumber has excellent uses like helping to clean up residues on bathroom faucets, kitchen sinks, any other stainless steel item, etc. Just rub the surface to be cleaned with cucumber pieces and then scrub and wash, and these items will shine and clean. They can remove tarnish from such stuff. In fact, if you rub cucumber slices on your bathroom mirror before bath, it can also help you with the fogs forming on it.

Cucumber for good breath

If you feel that you have bad breath, just put a slice of cucumber to the roof of your mouth and hold it there for a while. Cucumber has phytochemicals that work against the bacteria causing the bad breath in the first place.

Cucumber for health

Did you know that this simple vegetable that you have taken for granted comes loaded with minerals and Vitamins? Cucumber contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C. It also contains iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as folic acid.

Also, cucumber has enough fiber and also a compound called sterols. This compound helps reduce bad cholesterol. Cucumbers can thus also help regulate your blood pressure. Refrigerated cucumber slices are great for treating sunburns; they heal fast.

Cucumber can also be used as a stress reliever, by putting slices of it in a vessel of boiling water. The steam released at such time will contain a lot of chemicals and nutrients from the cucumber, that will aid in relieving stress. There will be real calm, soothing effect because of this cucumber therapy.

Cucumbers also help regulate uric acid in the body, and this, in turn, prevents kidney and gall bladder stones. Cucumbers also contain a component that the aids pancreas in insulin generation and so is helpful for people with diabetes as well. Consumption of fresh cucumber juice can help relieve heartburns, gastritis and any other digestive disorders as well.

Cucumbers as energizers

Indeed cucumbers are good instant energizers so that you can have them with peace anytime that you feel you are hungry and feel the need for instant energy. It contains carbohydrates and Vitamin B that act as the refresher and can instantly revive your mood. This is also a good alternative to having caffeine or energy drinks for the same purpose.

Cucumber for hangovers

Drinking is not good; but just in case, you had a few for a special occasion, and want to avoid getting struck by headaches and hangover, think cucumber! The Vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes, in the cucumber help replenish essential nutrients in the body, which the alcohol would have absorbed. All you need to do is have slices of cucumber before going to bed after you have had a few drinks.

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