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The Jamun You Should Eat!

24 June, 2019

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India, being the diabetes capital of the world, every second or third person whom you meet around, will have diabetes. Hence, the norm is to avoid jamuns, as we always relate jamuns to Gulab jamuns, and that is forbidden. But, what if we tell you that you should actually eat jamuns and that it is good for you? Wait, don’t get your hopes too high, these are not Gulab jamuns, but jamun the fruit, otherwise called as the black plum. These are available across India during the May to Jul season.

As we all know, seasonal fruits are always good for health, and there is a reason why nature gives it to us, during a particular time. These jamuns are also called Java plums and have high medicinal value. For senior citizens and diabetics, these plums are an excellent snack to have. So, the next time, eat a jamun, and be happy about it; only, make sure that it is the black plum that is going to benefit you in some way. They also come in vibrant purple color and a sweet cum tangy taste, and leave a kind of texture on your tongue, apart from the colour, when you eat them.

Improves hemoglobin count

Did you know that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are asked to eat these jamuns? This is because the chemos steadily reduce the blood and hemoglobin count in the body, and jamuns can help you build it up. It is loaded with Vitamin C and iron, and hence can help boost your hemoglobin, and also purify your blood. This means in a way that also aids blood circulation and in carrying oxygen to the organs and thus, will keep you healthier.

It is an astringent

Jamun is an astringent and can help you fight oily skin, and for the younger generation that is fighting pimples, this is a must-eat fruit. It helps keep your skin fresh and clear. Since as mentioned above, it purifies the blood, it improves the overall skin health too, which is a blessing in the aging process.

Good for eye and heart health

 Jamuns come loaded with Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A, and many other nutrients that are essential for our body. This makes it good for our eye health and helps maintain our vision. Apart from this, the potassium in the jamuns is extremely good for our heart, as it keeps blood pressure, strokes, and other heart diseases at bay. Hardening of the arteries is also another reason why we get heart diseases and jamuns fight against this; this they keep heart diseases at bay.

Oral health

One other issue as we age is our oral health; the teeth, the gums, the tongue, and so on, where some issues or the other crop up. Jamuns have anti-bacterial properties to the extent that they help prevent bleeding of the gums. In the rural areas, people use the bark of the trees for brushing the teeth as well as treating mouth ulcers.

Anti-infective properties

As mentioned, jamuns are anti-bacterial and hence, help prevent a lot of infections. They contain a lot of beneficial acids that help it keep the germs at bay.

Diabetic friendly

For people with diabetes, it’s all about low glycemic index fruits, and jamun happens to be one of those. It is a diabetic-friendly fruit and even helps cure excessive thirst and urination. It also helps keep your blood sugar levels regulated, and is used in traditional treatment of diabetes.

So, when you read through all the above wonder properties of this fruit called jamun, you realize that there are a lot of benefits to be gained from eating it. And since it is a seasonal fruit, it is better to eat it when you get it. People also prepare juices, squashes, vinegar, and wine out of it, as it is only available during this season. There is no substitute to eating it fresh, but the other forms can be preserved for consumption, once in a while, across the year.

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