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Mind Your Bed – Get a Good Sleep

9 March, 2020

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Even though a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors contributing to our good health, the bed is often ignored. Sometimes, we buy a bed and then forget all about it, and it runs for years together, without any maintenance or care. Also, while today people are more aware of the choices in beds, earlier days, the only consideration, most often would have been cost and durability.

If sleep is important, then so is the choice of our bed, especially as we cross our 50s. This is when slowly the bones and muscles in our body start displaying their protest, especially about the support during the nights. When we wake up with more aches and sores then when we got to bed, perhaps, it’s time to check the bed/mattress we are sleeping on. If we are not able to get a good, comfortable sleep despite not having any specific anxiety, maybe the mattress needs to be changed. In any case, it is important to understand that there are a few considerations that we need to keep in mind while choosing the mattress. Chronic neck, back, shoulders, hip and leg pain are the issues that most aged people deal with. Hence, the bed should be such that it helps alleviate the pain, and also provides a comfortable sleep. The material should also be such that it reduces the body heat, and help keep the bed cool. Here is a list of options to consider.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These have become popular in the last decade or so, and are usually denser than other foam mattresses. They provide more support to the body and may cost slightly higher than the other choices on hand. There are some choices in this as well, as you may go with traditional, or a few variations, with advanced technology. While the traditional one is known to retain body heat and may cause issues during summer, the advanced technology ones provide good relief from the heat by dissipating it throughout.

Many of these are designed to promote air-flow and provide proper spinal, as well as hips and shoulder support. Weight is also evenly distributed, and this reduces the pressure points. They also absorb the movements without creating a distraction, especially if you have another occupant. These are also durable and come with an eight-plus year warranty.

Innerspring Mattresses

These mattresses have been around for quite some time now, and are well known and have been proven to be good as well. There are tons of choices in these, and the high-end ones are quite durable as well as guaranteed to provide a good night’s sleep. These mattresses have a foundation, on which the coils/springs are housed, and then the upholstery to make up the top part which provides the comfort.  The upholstery could be of foam/coir/fibre, and the end comfort may well depend on the choice.

When compared to memory foam mattresses, innerspring ones may provide a firmer feel to the occupants. Some feel lost as if sinking in the memory foam, whereas these make you feel firmly held in place. However, innerspring mattresses are good at absorbing motions. The one thing guaranteed is that these are the coolest mattresses among those around.

However, when used for a long time, the coils springs tend to lose the firmness, and this can cause issues and sag. Also, when these beds age, they no longer distribute your weight evenly, and the sleep may not be as comfortable. They may also cost less than the memory foam mattresses. FI you are already having some back and joint pains, this may not be the ideal mattress for you.

Latex Mattresses

For those with back pains, advised a firm mattress, and also want something that can absorb the heat and sweat seamlessly, perhaps the latex mattress is a good option. These are very firm, and uses latex material, at times, the organic latex, which is eco-friendly and fully safe. The latest choices in these come with a good warranty, are durable, and offer options that promote good sleep. Spine support, motion isolation, allergy prevention through anti-dust mite tech, temperature regulation, etc., are just a few features on offer. They may cost around the same as innerspring ones or slightly more, based on the various features, and sometimes are almost as good as memory mattresses.

Medical Air Mattresses

One of the latest to hit the markets, medical air mattresses are in demand for the multiple health benefits that they offer. Improved blood circulation, alternate pressure points, low air loss technologies, and ease of use are some of the attractions these come with. These are inflatable mattresses and come with a pump using which you can set the air pressure, including different pressures in different sections. They are safe when used with the right pressure, and are firm and provide good body support and relief from aches and pains.

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