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Neem – The Amazing Herb

14 January, 2019

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Neem is a fantastic plant, an herb that is wholly medicinal, is native to India and its uses, and dates back 5000 years. Almost all parts of this plant like its roots, leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, and fruits, are used for treating various disorders. A few of the diseases cured using this plant are skin issues (also used when people have chicken pox), eye disorders, ear ailments, stomach issues, fever, diabetes, ulcers, liver, heart and blood issues, respiratory issues, teeth and gum issues, etc.

In Ayurveda, Neem has a special place, and it is part of many preparations and treatment and is said to have almost 130 compounds that are extremely useful for the human body. It is used as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial medicine, and it also possesses immune-stimulants to aid good health. Burning Neem leaves are a good way of getting rid of mosquitoes, and this is usually seen in rural areas. Also, many people in the rural area use Neem twigs to brush their teeth. It is, in fact, a suitable insecticide.

Incredibly, planting more Neem trees around us may be a big solution to the pollution problem we are facing today. Studies have proved that Neem can tolerate very high levels of pollution and it even can recover after its foliage is dropped almost fully! It certainly cleans the around wherever it is planted.

The various uses

Neem paste has been used to heal wounds and clear dandruff from hair from ages in India. In fact, taking a bath in water boiled with Neem leaves is said to keep the skin clean and prevent skin disorders. If you wash your eyes with this water, it helps remove irritants from the eyes and rejuvenates your eyes by eliminating any tiredness. Also, grandmas would have told you that pimples can be treated by applying Neem paste, and today you see many face creams, face washes, and face packs have incorporated it into their formula. You also find Neem toothpaste available nowadays. Neem oil is also used against skin diseases and as a mosquito repellent.

You may have heard our Prime Minister speak about the Neem coated urea, which his government has implemented. It is thus used in agriculture as well, as the Neem coated urea works as an inhibitor and releases the urea gradually into the ground, thus aiding better plant growth, resulting in better yields. Neem oil is also sprayed on crops as an insecticide to protect them.

Neem juice

Many people take Neem juice regularly, to maintain their health and also try and prevent diseases. Since Neem has many benefits, the juice usually extracted from its leaves, fruits, and flowers provide all these, if you consume it. Also, being an herb, there really are no major side effects of consuming it, whereas the benefits may be many.

Neem juice is said to help control blood sugar, improve metabolism and solve any gastrointestinal issues, help in better liver functions, and also improve the immunity against many other diseases. One may consult a certified Ayurvedic doctor before starting the same if required.

If you have access to fresh Neem leaves, you can blend it in a mixer along with water, after washing it thoroughly and strain and have the juice. However, it is incredibly bitter and difficult to have. You have many organic prepared products available in the market and can opt for one of those. Another idea is to blend it along with some fruits to hide its bitterness. Neem tea may also be had by boiling a cup of water for about 20 minutes with about four to five fresh or dried leaves. You could blend in honey, lemon or cardamom powder along with the boiled Neem tea to make its consumption easier.

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