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Not Really So Run-Of-The-Mill - Guava

19 August, 2019

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Among fruits, perhaps one of those fruits that are usually considered run-of-the-mill and not really talked about happens to be the Guava. This is a fruit that is seen across the country, and even across most seasons. In most cities, you find the roadside vendors, and carts also selling it, and it is only now since a decade or so, that it has finally found its way into supermarkets!

Yes, indeed, Guava is a run-of-the-mill fruit, and perhaps more so because many people are not aware of its health benefits as well. For, example, it is one of those fruits that are diabetes-friendly, and that is just the beginning. Read on, to know more about why Amrood (Guava) should be made a part of your regular fruit diet.

Blood sugar control

As mentioned above, many studies quote that Guava, or its leaves even, are extremely good in regulating blood sugar levels. This has been proven through various studies on animals as well as humans. Guava is rich in nutrients, has high fiber and a low glycemic index, which really makes it a coveted fruit for people with diabetes. It is also said to prevent diabetes.

An immunity booster

Well, think Vitamin C and fruit, and you may probably take the name of Orange. And that is precisely why we mentioned that people do not know much about Guava. You may be amazed to know that Guava contains four times the Vitamin C as that of Oranges! Eating a Guava can provide you twice the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C as compared to eating an Orange. And yet no one talks about it linked to Vitamin C.

Low levels of Vitamin C,  is linked to many diseases, as Vitamin C helps improve our immunity levels. It helps protect our body from many infections, as it kills the harmful bacteria and virus that cause infections. However, it is important to keep replenishing the Vitamin C in our body through our daily diet, as it is flushed out easily from our body as well. This is more so, for the people over 50 years, as that is when the immunity keeps going down.


These days, cancer is becoming a regular affair, due to our unhealthy diet and lifestyle, and sometimes, even due to the gene factor. Hence, there is awareness about including anti-cancer foods in the diet. Guava is said to have anti-cancer properties and help prevent the same.

It is rich in Vitamin C and also contains high amounts of antioxidants, that prevent the free radicals from damaging the cells in the body. It includes a component called lycopene, which actually prevents uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells and also help in the cause of cancer prevention in a few ways, as explained through few research papers on the subject.

Helps hormonal functions

Issues with the thyroid and hormonal imbalances are another common thing seen as people age. Guava contains copper, which, as we know, is useful in hormone production and absorption.

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