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Staying Hydrated To Beat The Summer

7 March, 2018

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The summer is almost here and you can feel it. In few parts of the country, the temperatures have started soaring already to a level wherein, you need to use the fan throughout or even switch on your AC. The one thing that cannot be avoided in the summer is to drink water. It is important to keep yourself hydrated, especially during the summer to beat the heat. The water not just quenches your thirst, but also helps in many other ways to stay healthy. However, the downside of drinking water is the need to use the bathroom often. At times, too often. And it can be a bit embarrassing, especially if you are travelling or in the middle of something important. It does feel awkward, if you have to make excuses to use the bathroom.

But, to avoid being embarrassed, one cannot stop drinking water, as that can lead to dehydration. So there is a slight balancing act, that we need to perform in order to overcome this situation.

The importance of hydration

Our body is made of 60-70% water and we humans lose it through many means like urination, sweat and even through breathing. Hence, it is important that we keep up the supply of water to the body. In summer, this is more so, as the body may sweat more.  In general, it has been recommended that men should intake about 3.7 litres of water in a day whereas it is 2.7 litres for women. That sounds like a lot, since most of us struggle to even intake I litre of water.

However, if you do not intake the requisite amount of water, it can affect the functions of many other organs, apart from the threat of dehydration. Dehydration makes you feel lethargic and drains all energy from your body. Per se, the amount of water needed for every individual may differ based on body weight, amount of exercise undertaken, the weather, the overall health condition of the person etc.

A point to be noted is that many other liquid intakes like tea, coffee, milk, juices etc. also get added to this. Keep a watch and make sure to drink water whenever you feel thirsty. Watch the urine and see that it’s not yellow in color. If you feel thirsty and do not drink water or the urine changes color, then your water intake may be less. The other input is that if you are feeling too thirsty throughout and passing urine also often, it could also be a sign of diabetes, and hence needs to be investigated medically. But, otherwise, you should be comfortable with the water intake with a few visits to the bathroom, which can be controlled.

In summer, the water intake may mostly be used by the body as we sweat more and hence the bathroom visits may anyway be reduced. In case you are on any diuretics, then that adds to your bathroom visits. Your doctor can help you with this and suggest if any of the medicines prescribed are the culprit. The diuretics, by design, are meant to increase the urine production in the body.

Managing the bathroom visits

Over a period of time, you are the best judge of how much water you may need to consume to stay healthy and hydrated. Here are the points to note:

  • Keep a watch; ensure to stay away from too much tea and coffee as they act as diuretics. Caffeine, when consumed in large quantities will add to your bathroom visits, but moderate consumption should be ok. Even soda, energy drinks and chocolate can produce the same effect.
  • Include normal exercise in your daily routine as strong muscles, especially pelvic muscles can help control the urinary frequency. The urinary bladder actually expands and contracts depending on the amount of urine it holds. It is just a matter of making a habit to learn to hold the urine.
  • Eat more fibrous food to reduce constipation as that increases urination.
  • One can take logical breaks to pass the urine, like during a recess if attending any sessions, gatherings or meetings. Even if you don’t feel like it, you may choose to use the bathroom so that you can ease the pressure for later on. If travelling in a bus and unable to use the bathroom, plan your fluid intake accordingly. Otherwise, it should be safe to have adequate water intake and stay hydrated.


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