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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Water Purifier

14 February, 2019

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Water is an essential factor for all forms of life, and we humans are also not excluded from that. Water is needed for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, watering plants, and so on. While our water supplies easily meet most of this, it is drinking water that is usually a cause of concern in many households. Waterborne diseases are common, and drinking unhealthy water can cause serious harm to the health of family members. This is more so, in the case of infants, toddlers, and senior citizens, as their immunity levels may be lesser than others.

This is why water filters have become a must in most households, as the traditional way of boiling water may not always be a viable solution. It is when you decide to purchase a water purifier or filter that you realize that the decision is not an easy one. The market is flooded with many different varieties, and you are hard put to pick one. However, a case in point here that we are trying to make is that the budget is the only criteria to use, to decide on a water filter. Given below, you will find a few helpful points that can undoubtedly help you make the right decision.

Water source

We get water from different sources like wells, the city (municipal/corporation) water supply, tube or bore wells, at times, also from the water tankers that supply water in areas where there are no other sources. The source of water can have a bearing on which filter you need to buy, as water quality differs based on the source of water.

Purity levels

The next factor you need to consider before deciding on your water filter is the purity levels of the water in your house.  There is something called as TDS, which stands for Total Dissolved Salts (Solids), which tells you how much of minerals, and salts are found in the water. A higher TDS value indicates hard water, and the hardness increases with the TDS value, and you can feel it in the taste while drinking, or while washing, the way the lather comes up.

There are ways in which you can get this checked yourself, by submitting the water for testing at certified labs across India. The permitted TDS levels are 500mg/liter and the water is said to be undrinkable when the same exceeds 1000mg/liter. An easier option is to use digital meters at home; these are available for purchase, in offline as well as online stores nowadays, and can be purchased to test the water quality. The instructions are simple and can be easily followed.


Many water purifiers now come with an inbuilt storage capacity, which ensures that you don’t have to use the filter every time to get clean drinking water or store it out separately. This is a good option for many homes, as the storage capacities are available from 3 to even 15 liters.


Please check for authorized certifications that the water filter carries to ensure that you are not cheated into buying any substandard product. Always go in for branded products like Eureka Forbes, Kent, A.O. Smith, Livpure, etc. There are multiple options in each that you can check out.

After-Sales Service

Water filters will need maintenance, yearly initially and perhaps more often as you go along. Also, if any issues crop up, you would need to immediately get the repair done, as you cannot afford to be without clean drinking water for long. There may be a time when you might have to replace filter candles, etc. Hence, check for customer reviews on the product and their after sales record, before taking a call.

Water Purifier Options

Typically, most branded water purifiers fall into two categories of either RO or UV purifiers. If your water source is a bore or tube wells, and TDS levels are high, then you should opt for RO purifiers, as these are best suited for that. Most of the other water sources can opt for a UV filter for getting purified drinking water in their homes. Also, if you have a mix of sources, you can check out certain options available wherein both technologies are combined to ensure you get safe, pure drinking water in any condition.

If you still have a doubt, on your water source or purity, you can always contact the brand representatives, they can help and guide you to choose the right one, and few of these brands, will also test your water for you and suggest.

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