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Traditional Indian Drinks for Diabetics

3 April, 2019

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Summers are the time when people experiment with varieties of drinks; it is no different in India. The rising heat compels people to look for options to quench their thirst and hence, apart from water, people look out for certain other drinks as well. However, people with diabetes have a problem in that they may not be able to drink many of the traditional drinks, because most of these may have sugar added. So, what are those drinks that people with diabetes can take safely for this summer? Here is a list that can be tried.

Tender coconut water

Traditionally, summer is the time when people opt to drink the tender coconut water, as it gives a lot of relief from the hot climate. It really is like an elixir of life and immediately refreshes people. However, most diabetics believe that this is sweet and hence they are not allowed to consume the same. So, is there any truth in this or is that just a myth?

Tender coconut water balances the electrolytes in the body, since it contains potassium and sodium, besides having calcium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron and amino acids. All these are highly beneficial to the body. The good news is that studies conducted specifically to understand the effect of tender coconut water on diabetes suggest that it is good for them!

It is true that it contains fructose, which is a natural sugar; however, when your diabetes is in control, tender coconut water taken in moderation will not harm you in any way, and in fact, can help manage your diabetes. It is considered a much safer and better option than aerated drinks or even fresh fruit juices. It contains protein and fiber, both of which are essential nutrients which also take time to digest and will only raise the blood sugar levels gradually. It is natural without any preservatives and additives, and aids in the metabolic functioning of the body. Hence, it is safe to consume one glass of tender coconut water daily.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a favorite Indian summer drink, especially in the northern parts of the country. Even in Southern India, it is slowly gaining popularity as raw mangoes are available in plenty in the summer, in these parts as well. Raw mangoes, which are the ingredients of this drink, come packed with many essential nutrients. Aam Panna provides instant energy to the body, which is a big blessing in the summer. Besides, it also helps ease constipation and blood disorders and improves the skin and eye health as well. More importantly, it also helps boost your immunity and prevents dehydration, which is very good for the summer.

Limited intake of Aam Panna is said to be actually, very good for normalizing blood sugar levels. Also, it is a fact that raw mango comes with a low glycemic index, and hence it positively doesn't contribute in any way to increased insulin levels, when taken in moderation.

Jal Jeera

Another traditional Indian summer drink is Jal Jeera, which can be easily made in our homes.  It is cooler to counter the sizzling summer heat and contains natural products like Jeera (Cumin), and Mint (Pudina) and can be made in a few variations. The main ingredient in this, the Jeera has been proven to have a wonderfully positive effect on the blood sugar levels and thus help in diabetes management.

Also, people with diabetes may find that they have the gut and digestive issues, which can also be solved by adding mint in this drink. Mint helps relax the digestive tract muscles and relieves excessive gas that causes bloating and abdominal cramps. Besides, one may also add coriander leaves in this, which again is an excellent digestive aid, which also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, and also help control blood sugar levels.

Buttermilk, Chaas, Sambhaaram

Traditionally, people in many parts of India are used to drinking buttermilk, which protects against dehydration, and is also a cooling and digestive aid. It also encourages digestion and is filled with calcium, proteins, and Vitamins, which are beneficial to the body. Buttermilk taken in moderation is said to be a good mid-meal snack and drink for people with diabetes. This is a source of natural sugar, which is better than other drinks; however, to be taken in moderation. You may add on certain additives to it like Jeera or Cumin powder, asafoetida, salt as required, etc. If the buttermilk is made at home, out of the thick curd, then it is better to beat it in a mixer for two minutes, and then the creamy layer on top should be removed. And then the diabetics can consume the liquid portion safely without any side effects.

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