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Veggies To Stock Up On As Temperatures Rise

7 March, 2018

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There is no better way to beat the heat than have some cucumber slices, or even a glass of cucumber juice. Just the sight of a fresh cucumber can melt away your summer heat and it really is refreshing. However, there really are many other vegetables that are meant to be eaten in summer. They provide relief from the heat, many common ailments, increase our immunity and also satisfy the body’s need for water. The fruits and veggies with high water content are said to replace the body’s natural sugars, amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins that are lost. Here is a look at a few vegetables that can be stocked up on in the summer.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd or ‘lauki’ is full of water content and it also belongs to the cucumber family. This can be cooked into many different dishes, or even had raw as a glass of juice spiced up with a bit of mint or coriander leaves. Just make sure that the bottle gourd is not bitter before beating the juice. It provides a whole lot of benefits like prevention from summer related stomach issues, satisfies thirst, prevents loss of sodium, and helps a person to stay hydrated and not get exhausted during the summer.

Ridge gourd

This vegetable also called ‘turai’, too, is extremely good for summer, and can be cooked in many simple ways. It is good for summer stomach ailments, purifies the blood and even regulates blood sugar.

Ash Gourd

Ash gourd also called white pumpkin is another vegetable that has excellent cooling as well as many other medicinal properties. It can also be had as juice or cooked as side dishes for rice or rotis. This vegetable provides relief from acidity and ulcers and is also said to be beneficial for diabetics. It comes loaded with nutrients and Vitamins like B1 and B3 as well as potassium. In fact, one of the famous Indian sweet, the ‘Agra peta’ is made from Ash gourd.


Of course, cucumber is one of the best sellers of summer. However, did you know that this vegetable comes with 96% water content? That is the benefit of eating cucumbers in summer; it quenches your thirst and helps to regulate the body temperature and keeps you hydrated. In addition, it also has potassium and magnesium content and helps flush out toxins from the body. If you eat it as is, the fibre content is also helpful in the digestion.

Snake Gourd

Here comes another gourd – snake gourd or ‘chichinda’. This has a cooling effect on your body and comes with a lot of nutrition. It also helps to stimulate body fluids that can help keep you hydrated. It also provides relief from exhaustion and is good for heart health.


Pumpkin or ‘kaddu’, is something that most people love for its unique taste and flavour. It contains a lot of fibre and helps regulate the digestive system. Pumpkin is used widely to prepare a variety of dishes including sweets. However, owing to its sugar content and pancreas stimulating abilities, diabetics are advised to stay away from this.

Bitter Gourd

Yet another gourd, and this time the bitter one called ‘karela’. While there are many of us who love this, it usually is a tough thing to get kids to eat this, unless it is deep fried.  However, the truth is that bitter gourd is an extremely good vegetable, that helps our body in many ways. It helps regulate diabetes as well as hypertension. You can drink this in the form of raw juice or cook some dishes with some tricks to cover up its bitterness. It is good to have bitter gourd in summer as it increases your immunity.


Greens are something that can be had at any time, and more so in summer. The green leaves too have water content and cooling effect. They also are good for health. You can pick a different variety each week like the Palak, the Amaranth, the Fenugreek (Methi) leaves, Spinach, Lettuce, Dil leaves, Radish leaves, Turnip leaves, etc.

Apart from this, cauliflower, brinjal, tomatoes, carrots, green peas and potatoes, too have high water content. Combine this with summer fruits like watermelon, grapes, strawberries, etc. to keep you well hydrated this summer.

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