Healthcare costs can increase rapidly with age. Doctor consultations, OPD, tests, medicines, surgeries, hospitalisation, eye care, dental care, physiotherapy… the costs just keep adding up. No insurance plan, even if available for seniors, covers all these expenses. Even when you pay yourself in cash, you end up paying higher than insurance companies with no option of second opinion on estimates that hospitals give you.

The Health Privilege Plan from Samarth, India’s largest community of elderly, helps cut all type of medical costs and get personal assistance for less than Rs. 5 per day. Covering more than 9,500 hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, path labs, pharmacies in many cities and offering discounts even on surgeries & hospitalisation for the first time, it is of great value both as a substitute for and as a complement to Health Insurance for senior citizens.

Comparison with other products

Samarth Health privilege card offers the most comprehensive coverage for all healthcare needs at an extremely low cost.

Healthcare needs Coverage / Discounts typically available
Samarth Health
Privilege Card
Insurance plans
loyalty card
OPD cards
Surgery and Hospitalisation (partial) No
Doctor consultations
Diagnostic tests
Dental care
Eye & ENT Care
Home health care
Wide & multi-city coverage Only valid for
one hospital or chain
Limited coverage
Cost-effectiveness Covers all needs
at negligible cost
Very expensive above
65 yrs age
Low cost but
limited usage
Doesn’t cover
high-cost IPD

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Members save Rs.10,000 to 100,000 a year

With the Samarth Health Privilege Plan you can also make big savings on your ongoing and unexpected costs.

EXPENSES (Rs.) Mr. Gupta, 67 years
In good health. Has regular health checks,
takes general medicines & supplements
Mrs. Mukherjee, 72 years
Chronic diabetes with one
hospitalisation in the year for same
Mr. Khanna, 75 years
Both knees replaced. Suffers from
persistent gastric problem
Doctor consultations 3,000 5,000 8,000
Medicines 36,000 42,000 50,000
Hospitalisation 20,000 4,25,000
Diagnostic tests 6,000 10,000 10,000
Dental care 1,000 1,000 1,000
Eye care 1,000 5,000 1,000
Physiotherapy 50,000
TOTAL (Rs.) 47,000 83,000 495,000
SAVINGS (Rs.) 10,100 17,900 162,500
(card cost of Rs. 1,750)
477% 920% 5620%

*For illustration purpose only

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Our Network

As a Health Privilege Plan member, you get immediate access to our extensive network of more than 9,500 reputed hospitals, labs, clinics, pharmacies in India which keep you covered wherever you are.

Select your city to find healthcare providers where you can avail benefits with the Samarth Health Privilege Plan.
Call us at 0129-663 2424 for updates.

Total Record.
Hospitals Diagnostics Pharmacies

How it works



Buy your membership securely online or call us for other modes of payment.



Check our Network of providers in your city and choose the one you wish to visit.



Call us at 0129-663 2424 for appointment bookings, services and support.



Visit your provider with your Card and ID proof to avail your chosen services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The way Samarth Health Privilege plan works is really simple. However, you may have some questions about using the card and its benefits. These FAQs should help clear all your doubts.

Please call our Virtual Concierge at 0129 663 2424 for appointment bookings and service requests. We want to ensure the smoothest, most hassle-free experience for you. You will need to carry ID proof and your Samarth Health Privilege Card to avail discounts.

The Samarth Health Privilege Card is NOT a debit card or wallet. It allows you to avail discounts, and any other value-added services that Samarth makes available to subscribers. Please use other mechanisms for payment based on what your service provider accepts.

The Samarth Health Privilege Plan results in 20% reduction at least in the out-of-pocket healthcare costs of an individual. In case of surgeries/ hospitalization, you can save up to 40%! You can see more details of potential savings on our website. You can also call us at 0129 663 2424 for specific queries.

The Samarth Health Privilege Plan provides discounts on a variety of healthcare services, including consultations, OPD procedures, Diagnostics, Dental and Eye care, Home Health services, Physiotherapy, medical equipment, wellness; which are typically not covered by your health insurance. Your Plan can help you manage your healthcare costs even in the unfortunate event of hospitalization/ surgery during outpatient and diagnostic procedures not covered by insurance, in addition to providing you discounts on medicines prescribed to you by your provider.

We offer exclusive discounts at 9,500+ healthcare providers in 300+ cities across India on consultations, OPD procedures, Diagnostics, Dental and Eye care, Home Health services, Physiotherapy, medical equipment, wellness; and for the first time ever in India, Surgery and IPD procedures. With our Virtual Concierge Service, you will have a smooth, hassle-free experience. You can also avail second opinions and estimate validation through our membership. You can access our network of providers on our website. You can also call us at 0129 663 2424 for further details.

Your membership, once paid for, cannot be cancelled. However, if you face any difficulties in using your Plan, we are keen to support you. Please call us at 0129 663 2424 for any assistance.

No! Anyone is eligible for the Samarth Health Privilege Plan. There are no pre-checkups, tests or documentation required.

The Samarth Health Privilege Plan can be purchased for an individual as well as for a couple. Our Couples plan allows you to purchase two plans at a discounted rate. Call us at 0129 663 2424 for any queries you may have, and for assistance buying the Samarth Health Privilege Plan.

The Samarth Health Privilege Plan membership is valid for 1 year from date of subscription.

You can start using your Plan as soon as you purchase your card online! You will get an email immediately after you buy the card on the website, containing the image of card and your unique card number.. There is no waiting period, and there are ZERO caps on usage- there is no limit on frequency of usage within the validity period and no limits on monetary discounts availed.

About Us

This unique Healthcare offering is brought to you by Samarth, India’s largest community of elderly with more than 30,000 members, and elderly under our care programme in more than 30 cities.

Samarth has been working with and providing family-quality care to elderly, engaging in research and advocacy for rights of elderly since 2016, with a vision to solve the most important problems of seniors in India.

We are member of International Federation on Ageing (IFA), Global Alliance for Rights of Older People (GAROP) and are proud winners of CSR Health Impact Award, 2018 for Eldercare category. Our various services for members include senior jobs, senior travel, online shop for special products for elderly, expert advice and publications. The organisation is founded and led by senior professional and guided by a very eminent Advisory Board with the mission of bringing peace of mind & happiness to elderly in India.

What Our Clients Say

We have been working to provide care for elderly in India since 2016 approaching it with the highest degree of professionalism combined with our passion. We serve our members and clients the same way we serve our own parents.


Samarth's leaders

Our Partners

The Samarth Health Privilege Plan is supported by organisations committed to serving the elderly.

H3U is an initiative of Vipul Medicare, one of the largest Insurance administrators in India. H3U has developed deep expertise in healthcare, network development and administration and supporting patients. Samarth and H3U have joined hands to provide the elderly access to an unmatched network of healthcare providers and the invaluable support of qualified professionals in navigating and optimising healthcare expenses.

Yogic Secrets was founded on the premise that nature is the best physician, and food the best medicine. The world at large is turning back to traditional and natural systems of wellness and is beginning to rediscover the benefits of natural products in day to day life. The purpose and objectives of Yogic Secret Healthcare is to introduce solutions that emphasize the maintenance of healthy living which is more than just the absence of disease.

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