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All about Terrariums

3 August, 2018

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With the kind of living spaces that we have today, sometimes having a garden can be an issue or an unfulfilled dream. However, the best part is that there are options like a Terrarium that allow you to still get the feeling of having a garden, albeit inside the house. Terrariums are tiny enclosed, glass containers in which one can create an ecosystem equivalent to a garden. You could recreate nature in inside this tiny world and get the same feel of a garden by looking at the greenery. Also, these make perfect gift choices. Simply put, a terrarium is nothing but a fancy in-house garden in a glass jar.


Per se, you can choose any glass container with some space in it for the plants to thrive. Usually, round glass jars are used as they provide the maximum space. If you have long jars, you may have to choose the plants accordingly. The main aim is to see that the plants can grow and get only mildly humid environment and will also get whatever possible sunlight.

Common plants

Usually, tiny or petite plants are chosen to be grown in a terrarium. When you combine more than one in a jar, all of them should have the same watering needs. A few of the plants that can be considered are:

  • Friendship plants – These plants grow well in moist soil and little sunlight and usually grow to about 12 inches only.
  • Variegated spider ferns – They grow well in the terrarium kind of environment of moist soil and humidity. Their leaves are slightly glossy, giving an excellent aesthetic effect to the terrarium.
  •  Watermelon peperomia – As the name suggests, these plants with leaves that look like the watermelons, are ideal for terrariums and grow around 8 inches only.
  • Silver nerve plant – Another beautiful white and green patterned plant that grows well and only around 12 inches.
  • Spiderwort- These flowering plants grow well within a terrarium and can add a dash of color with their flowers.
  • Air plant – These are another amazing plant that grows well in jars and do not even require soil, but look stunning.
  • African violets – For more color effects, you may try these African violets.

There are many other succulents, cacti, ferns, Ivies, crotons, begonias, etc. or any tropical plants can experiment in terrariums. Succulents may have to be grown in open terrariums only for them to be healthy.


To prepare the terrarium, you should add a base of stones or gravel that also help with the drainage. Then you can put soil (moist potting soil) on top. You may choose to put a layer of charcoal before putting the soil as that helps in keeping the soil fresh. Make sure not to add fertilizers as you do not want plants to grow too well and out of the containers. Now choose your plants either as single or in combination and plant them.


Place these tiny gardens in a place where they get some air and indirect sunlight. They need to be watered periodically to ensure that the moist atmosphere remains, and helps in the growth. But you may not have to water them daily. Also, keep a watch to see that the plants don’t turn brown as that indicates that it may be getting more sunlight. You may then have to move the jars to a less bright place.

If at any time, you find that the water is excess, then keep the jar open for some time, so that the excess water dries out. Also, if there are dead plants, leaves, fungus, etc., remove them if you want the beautiful effect to remain. Also, if you find leaves are withered, it is time to water the jar. Ration the water supply to the needs of the plant. After a while, you will get the hang of it. In fact, you could use a sprayer to water the base of the plant and the leaves. Cacti being desert plants need even lesser water, and most cacti can also be kept in places with direct sunlight as they are used to it. Per se, they just need a little care and attention and look great around the house, so go ahead and get a few terrariums to spruce up your home.

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