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Diwali Detox

9 November, 2018

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While it’s still the festivities going on for the Diwali, it is also the time to think about how to detox your body from all that unhealthy eating. Indeed, during the Diwali festivities, it is difficult to curb oneself too much. And it is not bad to indulge oneself somewhere, once a year on Diwali. However, it is true that we eat rather rich, oily food that is filled with all kinds of masalas and dairy and sugar-rich sweets during this time. All these are sure to affect our body, especially if we already have any specific health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc. Moreover, with poojas, visits and visitors, festivities, et al., we also do not exercise during these days, adding to the issue.

Hence, post the festive season, it is always a good idea to detox our body. Detoxing ensures that the normal body balance is brought back and we can continue with our regular, everyday schedule as before.

Water Therapy

We had earlier written about water therapy and its effect on our body. Post heavy festivities like a Diwali season, it is good to stick to water therapy for a few days. Water therapy does indeed help detox your body of all the excess and impurities from it. In fact, instead of drinking plain warm water in the morning, you may choose to add a dash of lemon juice to it, to make it more effective.

You may even sip this water and lemon juice mixture through the day for a few days post-Diwali. This can help bring your body back to normalcy by improving digestion and reducing any gastric effects. Stay hydrated, and you may also drink tender coconut water, and other fruit juices, if you like. If you take tea, you may have green tea once or twice a day as well.

Curd Rice

Almost every time that you visit a doctor with a stomach upset, you may have been advised to eat curd rice for a few days. Curd rice is a healthy food that is light on your stomach and also has few other benefits. It can be an excellent detoxifier to have homemade curd rice or dahi chawal for a day or two post-Diwali. It aids digestion by promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria. All issues constipation and gas are also relieved, and this keeps your body cool. This can also boost your immunity and help you fight infections and hence, switching to a curd rice lunch for a day or two may be a healthy idea.


Eat Salads

Include fresh fruit and vegetable salads in your diet for a few days post-Diwali. This can be a regular part of your diet, but should be had post such festivities like Diwali. They contain a lot of immunes boosting antioxidants, and also help detox your body and keep you healthy as well.

Avoid certain foods

Do not eat leftover food, especially oily, masala ones or sweets for a few days. If you eat all that, your detox effects may not be good, and the body will just end up having more toxins. So, hand over leftover food to someone, and strictly follow the detox procedures and have a healthy, balanced diet for a few days. Also, ensure that you do not eat out for another few days. That may again cause trouble to the healing body. Stick to home cooked meals.


Without fail, get back to your usual walks and jogs or yoga and other activities. This can also help the body maintain its normal status. A lot of the unwanted fat and stuff from the body will also be shaken up when you get back to your regular exercise routine. With all this, also ensure to get a good sleep of around 8 hours a day to keep things running smoothly.

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