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Easy To Maintain Indoor Plants

28 August, 2019

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Greenery is not just pleasing to the eye, it adds to the decor of the house, and more importantly, a few plants also purify the air around. Hence, there is more than one reason to have some indoor plants placed around your house. However, what stops many people from doing this is the misconception that indoor plants need more maintenance. The fact, though, is that if you choose the right plants, you only need the right amount of maintenance, and at times, much less than of outdoor plants, even.

So, if you are willing to try out the same and bring in some ‘green changes’ to your decor, here is a list of few easy to maintain indoor plants, that can spruce up your spaces.

Money Plant

Well, this is one of the low-maintenance plants, whether indoors or outdoors. What makes it easy to grow is the fact that it does not really require soil, even, and can grow in a water container as well. This is why you see this plant in a few office spaces as well, where people maintain it in small water bottles on their desks for a green touch.

This plant grows well in low sunlight, and in all Indian weather conditions as well. This is a climber and may require a rod, or a rope or a window sill, etc. to grow fully. The leaves are heart-shaped with a green and yellow tinge and look attractive. When grown outdoors, these leaves can grow really big in size as well. This plant is also considered auspicious as per the Vaastu as well, and what’s more, it is a natural air purifier. Choose your container and placing depending on your need. If grown in the water, you don’t need much of a care, except putting it out in the sunlight, somewhere once in a while or changing the container, if it’s filled with roots. If using a soil container, water adequately on a daily basis, as less or more can cause issues. Watch out for changes in pigmentation on leaves, and re-pot if the pot is filled with roots, or growth looks stunted.

Areca Palm

This is a lovely bushy plant, with slender stems, spread out leaves that can change the look of a corner, when you place it one. It is sturdy and can grow up to 3m in height, in all Indian weather conditions. It needs to be potted in a slightly larger pot with soil and is low-maintenance. It helps purify the air in your house and needs indirect sunlight. So, choose a place where it does get some indirect sunlight, and use a nice pot, which allows it to grow. You can also use some manure as appropriate and keep a watch out for any spider webs, etc. You may also need to move it out if it grows too large for indoors.

Snake Plant

This plant is known by many names such as Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, and viper's bowstring hemp. This is also easy on maintenance indoor plant that grows well indoors. It looks nice and shiny with green and yellow stripes, on long pointed leaves. This one is a great air purifier and can actually be placed in the bedroom also for maximum benefit. The pot should be sturdy and big and filled with soil and adequate manure, with periodic watering as required, to retain the soil moisture. A word of caution, though is to avoid it if you have pets in the house, which can pick at it and eat it, as it can be allergic as it is mildly toxic when ingested.

Aloe Vera

A lot is said about Aloe Vera’s medicinal capabilities, and we all know that it is used in many beauty products. It is a succulent, even though many people think that it is a cactus, and hence avoid keeping it in the house. This plant clears many pollutants in the air, and it is also said to give out positive energy. Hence, it is recommended to be kept in bedrooms as well.

This pot needs indirect sunlight to grow well and can be potted in medium to big pots, with soil. It only needs to be watered once in a while and should be kept in bright sunlight once in a while. You can replant it if you feel that its growth is stunted. Please note that it needs a pot with proper drainage.

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