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Ever Lost The Phone – Here Are a Few Smart Tips

10 June, 2019

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As it is, many seniors do not take to a Smartphone easily; they feel it is an overhead and a hassle to learn to use it. But then, in today’s world, friends and family would undoubtedly love it, if you could use a Smartphone. It is a connected world, and technology can be used to our advantage. Having a Smartphone in your hand can be a safety tool for you, and you can get in touch with loved ones in case of any difficulty, wherever you are.

Even more important is the convenience of using it for making payments, bookings, or using a voice assistant, etc. The plus points of using a Smartphone far outweigh that of not using one. But then, there is an issue of not being tech-savvy enough, or being forgetful. There is a chance you may misplace your phone somewhere, or plain forget where you have kept it. There is also the possibility that someone just stole it as well. Buying a new phone is not much as a hassle as losing all contacts and setting up a new phone again. But here are a few tricks that you can use to keep your phone safe.

Track your phone

Almost all phones, especially the Android and the iOS phones, come with a feature to track your phone. In Android phones, there is an option in Settings, under Security to turn on an option for Find Device. You could also use the Google option under which you will again find the Security option, in which you will find an option “Find My Device” and turn it to “On.” In iOS, this will be listed as the Find my iPhone option.

In the case of Google, you can log into your Google account from any device and track your phone, if it has been lost, misplaced, or even stolen. However, as is the rule of law, one should always report the same to the police as well as the SIM/Telecom provider, and provide them the tracking details, rather than track the thief oneself. In case of a misplaced, perhaps, you could try and hunt down your phone. If it is a theft, you could even erase all data from the phone, so that the thief cannot do any unwanted activities with it.

Use a Lock Screen option

One may think that it is easier to use a phone with just a swipe when using it is a hassle as is. However, it is always better to put a Lock Screen password for your phone. There are many apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., along with your mail that is auto-logged in, on the phone. So, if you lose your phone, or someone has stolen it, one swipe will provide them all access. This can be extremely dangerous, as there is a possibility that even they get access to your bank accounts.

In Android, under Settings, you will find an option Lock Screen and Password. There are multiple options under it like a fingerprint, face data, password, screen lock, etc. Use what is comfortable for you, like a PIN or a simple pattern to ensure that someone else cannot use your phone comfortably. In iOS, this option can be found in Touch ID and Passcode or Face ID and Passcode.


There are options to back up all your data to the Cloud, irrespective of which phone you are using. Photos, WhatsApp conversations, etc. can be backed to Google Drive, Dropbox, or private Cloud options of the manufacturer like Mi cloud or iCloud. These can be easily found in your Settings, depending on the phone and version that you are using. Many things can be synced, including your contacts, so that even if you lose your phone, you can get all of it back.

These are just a few of the options that can be used to stay safe and be smart against losing a phone. But as we all know, no one plans for it or believes it will happen. But then, it is quite possible that someone just snatched the phone when you are out for a walk as well. So, it is always better to be safe than be sorry.

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