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Home Care When You have Pets

27 November, 2018

Home Care
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Bringing home a pet can be a very exciting idea. A friend, someone to talk to, care for and enjoy. One of the most deterring aspects for most people to bring home a pet is the home care associated with it. Pets could be mostly dogs and cats, but people keep birds, fishes, turtles, etc. too. In this urban life, the issue primarily is that we may be living in apartments where it may not be possible for us to give much outer space to the pets. So, we may have to keep them indoors mostly, except when they are taken out for walks, especially in the case of dogs. Cats, birds, and fishes, of course, have to be kept indoors and there is no choice in that.

So, do having these pets indoors add on to our house cleaning duties? Do pets cause our house to smell foul? Will pet hairs add to the indoor cleanliness issues? These are the questions that people grapple with when they think of bringing home a pet.

Pet Training

In cases of pets like dogs and cats, they can be trained to maintain a lot of neatness. For example, dogs need to be taken for walks, at least twice a day and learn to complete their basic needs during these walks. Cats can be taught to use mud filled trays kept in bathrooms for their basic needs. This will have to be changed daily for hygiene purposes.

Also, food should be given in one place daily as much as possible and with care so that the stains can be wiped immediately if spilled. Fishes and birds cannot be trained in this aspect; however, we need to clean out the aquariums and the bird cages to ensure cleanliness and hygiene and avoid the foul smell. Also, if the choice is a dog and is mostly going to be indoors, then you better choose a less hairy one. Discipline is important for pets, and they should clearly know when something is not allowed to be done. This can help a lot in ensuring home cleanliness.


Grooming of pets is another crucial aspect, which will ensure that your house is always neat and clean. They need to bathe, brushed, etc. as is necessary to ensure that they are clean. If they are clean, your living space will also remain clean. If you have sofas, and carpets, these need to be cleaned on a daily basis as well to ensure that there is no buildup of pet hair as such. Some people restrict the pet entry to the bedrooms and kitchen, and it may be a good idea to do so, to ensure hygiene.

Use tick free products for their bath and practice hand washing and using Sanitizers after touching or petting them. This is good for your health as there are certain infections that the pets may pass on to humans.

Stain care

If you have dogs being taken out for walks, then ensure that you have a good quality stain remover and mop on standby always. Put a thick, good quality doormat, which can absorb most of the paw dirt, and the stain remover and mat can handle the rest of the dirt if it comes in. Alternately, you could choose just to wash their feet in a tub of water, before they get back inside and wipe it off. Despite the best care, small accidents, spills, and stains are a part of a pet household, and these should be dealt with immediately, rather than put it off for later.

Extra sheets

Keep a few extra sheets around, so that when the pets climb onto the sofa or chair, you can throw these there, to ensure that the furniture does not get spoilt as well as to avoid extra cleaning. These sheets can be washed easily after use, separately.

Good ventilation

Keep your house properly ventilated with air and sunlight to the extent possible. This will also help in keeping the fresh air in, and the bad smell out. You may not have to use deodorant often in such cases.

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