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Home Cleaning Made Easy!

15 October, 2017

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Cleaning homes is a task we all want to do but keep postponing, because of the work involved. With proper planning and a little thinking and organisation, this cleaning can become an enjoyable task, something that you can execute easily and have fun while doing it too. The tips below will put home cleaning in a new perspective and will be quite helpful too!

Begin with a plan

Too often we begin cleaning without really planning it out, which can lead to chaos. Before you begin your cleaning, it’s important to create a schedule, Depending on how much you have to do, you may want to break up the cleaning into a few days or even over weekends, or you could do it all in one day if it isn’t much. Regardless of how you break it up, developing an efficient, executable schedule can make the cleaning a lot easier. Writing out a list of all the tasks that need to get done can make things go more smoothly.


Organise your home

This may include taking expired food out of the fridge or kitchen cupboards, organizing closets, wardrobes or just clearing old books and looking through your medicine cabinet. Track down and file away important financial, health and other legal documents. Taking the time to do this before an emergency helps save time, money and anxiety. Check all electrical connections, water connections, furniture and make a list of what needs to be repaired or redone. You might want it even create a priority list for those that need immediate attention.


Clear the clutter

It always helps to clear up space at home; downsizing can be a particularly tiring process. You may find it overwhelming to think about letting go of items you’ve gathered over a lifetime. A good rule of thumb to follow is to choose the items you need and use most often while starting to think about which family, friends or relatives may want or family heirlooms with sentimental value. As difficult and tiring as it may sound, it helps to clear away clutter. Maybe you could do this as an activity with your children or grandchildren on their next visit. Once you have cleared away most of the clutter, the next time you may not have much to clean too!


Get help, if needed

Sometimes home cleaning can't be done with just one or two people. Contact any family members, or friends to see if they're available and willing to help. Having extra hands can make the process go more quickly and efficiently and also the company adds some fun to the otherwise difficult task. If no one has the time, consider hiring professional cleaners, who are available easily. You can check professional services and also offers that come up during festive seasons. Professional cleaners do an extremely neat job and are the best if you can afford them.


Involve children if they are around

Children are the best helpers if dealt with properly! Jobs such as organizing shoes, sorting books, wiping windows or countertops are not too demanding and will give them a feeling of purpose too. You should also ask their opinion when planning to throw out or give away items to make them feel involved. As an added bonus, you'll get more done in a shorter amount of time with lots of fun and laughter too.


Try to maintain the order

Once all the cleaning is done, try to set some ground rules for the future and keep things in order to make cleaning in the future easy. You can also go over methods of organization or reminders and try to implement the same. That way, you can be assured that your work will not go a waste in the future. It'll also make next year's cleaning session easier.


As much as cleaning is a difficult task, it can be made enjoyable and easier with proper planning and the right company. The festival is around the corner, make sure your home is clean and sparking, and you enjoy doing it too!

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