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Home Decor - Paint or Wallpaper or Wood?

2 August, 2018

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Indian homes have come a long way with the home decor options currently available being to the extent that one is spoilt for choice. The interior decor choice, especially for the walls, can either be painted or wallpaper (the latest trend) or even wood. So, if you are either purchasing a new home and wondering what decor to go for or looking at a renovation,  read through to know what each style provides. The decision can be based on various factors like space, budget, durability, ease of application, etc.


If you are looking purely at choices or options available, both paint and wallpaper have a beautiful variety to pick from. Painting itself has touched great heights with paint companies like Asian Paints, and Nerolac, etc. offering painting services as a package. They also provide you with a wide spread of designs using various kinds of tools and brushes, apart from colours and finishes. A combination of all these can be used to create some awesome effects on your walls that really stand out. The same is the case with wallpapers with lots of finishes, as well as colour combos and patterns, being available. So, it is just a matter of preference here. Wood may be used in limited spaces like the bedroom, and the living room for certain walls in the background. Wooden panels can be used on these walls for special effects and look.

Ease of application

If you consider the convenience and comfort of application, then you need to opt for paint as this is definitely easier, where our Indian walls are considered. Wallpaper needs specialized people to do a good job. Painters are easily available and also if required, you can easily apply a coat of paint to bring the walls back to life. But wallpaper application takes time, needs patience, and has to be removed and applied freshly each time you want to redo. The looks of both are equally catchy. Wood on the walls needs to be removed and applied if there is an issue. If you use good quality woods for the wall panels, it usually lasts longer, and you may not have to redo the space again unless some issue arises.


Paints last as long as five to six years, with a little fading or dirtying, here and there. So touch-ups may be required in between if you want to maintain the looks all bright and beautiful throughout. However, wallpapers, though painstaking, last longer on Indian walls, even as long as fifteen years. The only issue being a bit careful to see that it doesn’t get torn as that would mean a tiresome re-application job.


A painting job is definitely cheaper than a wallpaper application. However, one needs to keep in mind the durability and long-lasting effect as well. So, wallpaper may be looked upon as a better one-time investment. If you are using wooden wall panels, it can be expensive, but again, may be looked upon as a onetime investment.


While paint can be used anywhere in the house, including the kitchens and bathrooms, wallpapers cannot be. Moist areas or such areas like the kitchen where the heat effect may be more won’t suit the wallpapers. Also, if you have kids, it is best to avoid wallpapers in their rooms as any slight damage will mean more expense and time. Wood also may not be a good choice for kitchens or bathrooms etc.


If you are looking for extremely customized, spaces that depict your personality, then perhaps, paint is the way to go. Wallpapers have a certain limitation concerning customization in India currently, as they are still new in a sense. Wood may allow you a good bit of customization, but not so much in terms of colours or patterns as paint would.

Hence, if you have a decision to make, consider all the above factors and think what your priority interests are. Make a wise choice, as you may have to live with those walls for quite some time.

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