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Home Remedies For Pest Control

29 October, 2018

Pest Control
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Pests at home are a common enough thing. Nowadays, there are lots of pest control agencies that come home and provide pest control measures. However, there are chances that these pest control medicines used are harmful chemicals that may also harm humans and pets at home. Also, at times, certain people develop allergic reactions to this as well. Almost all pest control measures are temporary as well. You need to keep doing it periodically to ensure a safe, clean home.

The commonly seen pests are lizards, cockroaches, spiders, ants, silverfish, flies, bed bugs, etc. Mosquitoes are a different breed altogether and may need other measures as well. Even though the commercial pest control measures may not be highly attractive, it is essential to keep the pests away from home. So, the other option is to look at traditional, home remedies, which our ancestors have followed for quite some time. Well, we would like to emphasize that cleanliness can go a long way in avoiding most pests.


One cannot almost escape from ants, especially where food is kept and they usually invade kitchens and cupboards. Here are a few tips and tricks to protect your home from ants.

  • Ants do not like the cucumber fragrance it seems; hence, in the kitchen, you can leave few cut pieces of cucumber in a few places. These can be replaced every day for continuous ant control.
  • You could use a sprayer, with soap water filled in it, when you see a line of ants anywhere. This will kill them and stop their movement.
  • Even Vinegar can be sprayed to get rid of ants temporarily.
  • Crushed cloves may be placed in cupboards if you suspect ants are invading the same.
  • Broken cinnamon pieces or even pure cinnamon oil can also be used to keep away ants.
  • Crushed mint leaves also help as an excellent anti-ant agent.
  • Rubbing lemon juice in the entry points of ants like crevices, doors, and windows, etc. will help repel ants for a while.


  • One of the best ways to repel cockroaches is to ensure that all food is always kept covered. However, you may also use boric powder to repel them from your kitchen and cupboards.
  • Cut cucumber slices will also work to an extent in keeping the cockroaches away.
  • Placing bowls with a mixture of equal amounts of baking soda and sugar in strategic places also helps in reducing the cockroach population.
  • Fabric softeners mixed one part with two parts of water, or even strong soap water, sprayed directly on the roaches can kill them.
  • Place bowls with minutely chopped bay leaf to repel cockroaches.


Flies cannot survive or multiply if they cannot access anything in the surrounding that helps them breed. Hence, keeping the place clean helps a lot in keeping the flies away. This also includes the dustbins, the kitchen sinks, etc. A few other tricks are:

  • Crushed mint leaves around the place
  • Using eucalyptus essential oil, sprayed in strategic places or cotton balls or cloth dipped in it can also be used


Try the below steps to get rid of lizards from your house.

  • Hang empty eggshells, which is said to repel lizards
  • Place some onion slices in the kitchen to keep away the lizards

Bed Bugs

This pest can be a real headache if at all it invades your house. Try these measures to keep away the bed bugs.

  • If you have traveled recently, wash those clothes separately and dry them out in the sunlight. Unknowingly sometimes, we carry bed bugs home after having traveled in the train or bus.
  • Ensure that the beds are put in the sunlight periodically. This will ensure that the bed bugs will come out and die eventually.
  • Ensure that pets are kept away from bedrooms and are also properly bathed and groomed.

A few other options you can try out are neem leaves and neem oil, which are highly beneficial against pests. Also, burning camphor is said to repel most pests. Many Indian homes have been traditionally using sambrani or benzoin resins for ages, to keep pests, especially mosquitoes away. These are burnt in a small terracotta container and the home is also filled with a nice smell. Try these natural and traditional measures to see if they can help you keep the pests at bay.

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