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Maintenance of Indoor Plants

5 November, 2018

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Plants are a great source of joy and even work as a de-stressing agent in today’s times. However, with most city people having no access to space or garden, the love of plants has led many towards indoor plants. Indoor plants, also serve as a great decor idea and even many of the plants purify the air as well. It adds to the greenery which is pleasing to the eye, and if you have flowering plants, they even add a dash of color. So, having indoor plants serves many purposes. However, plants need care, whether indoor or outdoor. The nature of care may be slightly different for indoor and outdoor, as the needs are different. Hence, if you have indoor plants, here are a few tips and tricks that can ensure that the plants remain healthy and add to the beauty of the room.

Choice of plants

Not all plants will thrive indoors, and hence, when you choose plants, stick to the ones that can survive with a little less or even no sunlight and do not keep too much of watering, etc. Here are a few that can be considered. Chinese money plants, money plants, snake plants, few varieties of ferns, weeping fig, aloe vera, jade plants, peace lilies, English ivy, spider plants, a string of pearls, rubber plants, paddle plants, etc. are a few types that can be considered. You could ask for these by name at a nursery or even order them online.

Prepare the pots

The pots need to have a layer or stones/rocks and sand at the bottom and holes at the bottom for proper drainage. There should not be water stagnation and the soil in the pot should never be wet and slushy. Next step is to choose an area with as much indirect sunlight as possible. Most flowering plants need around 12-16 hours of light in a day, while foliage plants would require 14-16 hours. It is said that plants should not be moved around too much as it is not suitable for them. Hence, choose the place carefully and put them there and then take necessary further care. You may shift them if you feel the need.


Ideally, the plants should be watered every day, but only the adequate quantity in normal room temperature only. You may try a finger test with the pots to determine whether they need to be watered. Just poke your finger a bit into the soil in the pot till your knuckles, to see if it feels damp. You need not water the plants if so; else if it feels dry, water the pot.

Other tips

Also, watch out for other hints from the plants like drying or discolored leaves,  stunted growth, loss of leaves, drying twigs, etc. These mean that there is something wrong and that the plant is not getting enough hydration. You may also choose to wet the leaves once in a while with a sprayer. And also dust the leaves out by wiping them lightly if required to keep them shiny and clean. Also, a few plants may need extra nutrients and fertilizers than those present naturally in the soil. Fertilizers for houseplants are the ones with nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, etc.

If you have cacti or succulent plants, they may need a separate kind of fertilizer, and this can be asked for. If the plants are growing well, prune them if required, at intervals. Remove dead leaves and twigs, and keep a watch out for any insects or bugs. Each plant may have different needs, and hence, one needs to know this and take care accordingly.


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