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Monsoon Gardening

2 August, 2021

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Monsoon is a season when we prefer to sit at home, stay safe and sip a cup of hot ginger tea, perhaps with a plate of pakoras. In India, farmers wait for the monsoon after having finished harvesting and planted their new crop. While most people welcome the monsoon, it does bring its set of woes. We have already seen some cloudbursts, flash floods, rivers in spate and so on. However, this is one season when nature abounds and celebrates. Monsoon heralds a season of hope with new plants coming to life. 

For those interested in gardening, the monsoon is a busy time; this is when you can clean up your garden. You could remove weeds, plant fresh seeds or plants, and prune your plants. Plants love the humidity and moisture in the air during monsoon, and hence, they grow faster and better. Of course, if you have a proper garden and not just a balcony one, you also save yourself the trouble of everyday watering. Here is what you could plant this monsoon to see the results in the months ahead.


Jasmine usually flowers during the summer; however, it is best planted during the monsoon. This helps the plant to settle and grow well and then start flowering by the time summer comes. There are many varieties of jasmine- some grow as shrubs, while a few varieties grow as climbers. Hence, these can be easily grown on your balcony too. It is to be noted that jasmine fragrance is said to help people reduce anxiety and even sleep well. 


This is another plant that is not easy to grow as you need to plant a cutting. However, it is said when planted in monsoon, this plant responds and grows well. This plant usually flowers throughout the year and can withstand the summer heat and the monsoon moistness. This plant has some medicinal benefits as its leaves too are used in some home remedies. The flowers come in various colours and sizes and add to the beauty of the garden.


Suryamukhi or sunflower is a beautiful sight to watch when it blooms. It is stunning when you see it in a field when all plants bloom simultaneously. This flower stays bright for quite some time and, as the name suggests, always faces the rising sun. If you plant in a pot, you will get to see the brightness of one flower for sure. This plant grows best and survives during the monsoon to give you the joy of the best blooms in the following seasons. 


These are tiny shrubs that anyone can grow in the balcony, and it is a nice addition to your kitchen garden and some greens. This plant, though it looks very fragile and loves the sun, also thrives during the monsoon. So, it is best to plant your tomatoes during this time and then wait and watch them grow and flower through to fruits.


The cucumber is a creeper plant but can be grown with a support in a pot on a balcony. This is easy to grow, and the best time to plant cucumber seeds is the monsoon. They grow fast during this monsoon, and you could soon be seeing a few little cucumbers hanging out and enjoy a homemade salad dish.


This vegetable can be planted during the monsoon for best results as it grows fast and can be harvested in about a month. Hence, you could plant this across a couple of weeks to ensure a good continuous harvest across the rainy season. Once harvested, you could eat the leaves as well, as they have lots of health benefits.

Green Chilly

Monsoon is not just the season to spice up the food with green chillies; you could grow them too during this time. They respond well to humidity and moisture and can be easily grown in pots. However, they need sunlight too, and hence should be placed in an ideal location in the balcony. They will flower in about 50 days from planting.


The homemade baingan ka bharta is made possible if you plant some seeds during the monsoon. It is a small, healthy shrub that grows fast during monsoon, and you could harvest your brinjals/eggplants within the next two months. They can be easily grown in a pot on a balcony or terrace, and they don’t need much care.

Okra/Ladies Finger/Bhindi

These small shrubs can be easily planted in pots and respond well during the monsoon to grow and flower rapidly. Even the flowers look beautiful, and you get to see the bhindis in about two months.

Keep track of the plants, remove any wilted leaves, monitor for any pests, etc. Water sufficiently if on the balcony, and ensure no water logging happens if otherwise. Do proper weeding and pruning if required, and watch your garden thrive during the monsoon.

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