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The Monsoon Reading – The Shiva Trilogy

5 August, 2019

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It’s Monsoon and perhaps not the best of the seasons to go around town for doing your chores. You may have to wait and watch to ensure that you are able to step out when the rains stop. A cursory glance at the newspaper also tells you that many parts of India are also reeling with floods and Monsoon water woes. So, perhaps, neither is this the best of times to travel for sightseeing. So, what then would be the next best thing to do, to while away your time in a nice manner?

So, the answer is to either catch up on favorite TV shows or on some reading that you have been avoiding for long! If you happen to be the reading kind and even if not, we would suggest that you pick The Shiva Trilogy, by Amish Tripathy for a really good read. The set is called so because it is a combo of three books called “The immortals of Meluha”, “The Secret of the Nagas”, and “The Oath of the Vayuputras”.

The Trilogy

All the three stories are beautifully woven fantasies that tell some incredible tales, taken from the Hindu mythologies about Lord Shiva. The stories are set in the 1900 BC, in the land of Meluha, which was created long back by Lord Ram, the great Suryavanshi King. The story talks about troubled times for the Meluha kingdom, and their belief in a prophecy, that Neelkanth will save them, from complete destruction.

So, is Shiva an immortal God, or was he just human like us, a Tibetan immigrant, who came to be worshipped as the God, because he delivered on the promise of protecting the people from evil?

The Immortals of the Meluha

The first book is a gripping, “cannot put down” kind of tale, which describes how Shiva decides to help Suryavanshis in their fight against Chandravanshis, another tribe, who have allied with the Nagas, a cursed tribe. This story talks about how Shiva gets involved in the fight between these two sects and how he gets married to King Daksha’s daughter, Sati.

The Secret of the Nagas

This book is the second in the series of the Shiva Trilogy and talks about how Shiva is trying to save his wife Sati, from the Nagas, who are invading. The story talks about how Shiva goes to the land of the Branga, and finds many secrets about Sati’s past; about her first child, her twin sister, Kali and much more. Kali is the Naga queen, and Shiva takes her help to reach Panchavati, where Shiva finds his “believed to be dead” friend Brahaspati, alive. What is happening and why, and who is behind all this?

The Oath of the Vayuputras

The third in the series of ‘The Shiva Trilogy’, this book shows Shiva’s continued journey in his quest to know the truth. Shiva comes to know that Somras is the cause of all evil and declares war on Emperors Daksha and Dilip, as they continue to use it. This is done under the guidance of Bhrigu, and this battle takes Shiva to Pariha, the Land of the Vayuputras, who is a legendary tribe. In this war, Sati is killed, and an enraged Shiva destroys Meluha, the capital city and Somras, the cause of evil, forever. That is how Shiva came to be worshipped as an immortal God, for delivering people from their miseries and evil.

Put your feet up

Perhaps, there is nothing better than putting your feet up, curling up on the sofa, or an armchair, or even on the bed, with a cup of ginger tea, and some favorite healthy snack, and reading a fiction cum fantasy like the Shiva Trilogy. We all have heard so much about the life of Shiva, and yet these books manage to give us a different perspective, one that is woven with threads of fantasy, intricate characters, a tale of conspiracy, prophecy, evil, destruction, and survival. It is indeed incredible storytelling by the author that keeps you gripped and occupied and a very good read for the Monsoon season.

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